Belize’s Food Specialties and the Belikin Beer

food in BelizeFood in Belize is a mix of the cuisines of all the internal and surrounding nationalities, with dishes recognizable from Mexico and Guatemala, even when they go by different names. You can find influences here from the Caribbean, Spain and Africa as well. Among it all, you will find restaurants set up by a mixture of expats and entrepreneurial types who recognize that the vast influx of tourists might like something a bit closer to home.

Belizean Specialties

The standard fare for the most part, however, is pretty basic. The usual meal is the rice and beans and a piece of meat combination: starchy, filling food that will keep you going. There are exceptions, though; the more touristy areas like Placencia or San Pedro have very decent restaurants serving some excellent food. While the prices are not astronomical, they are not extremely cheap either, and are certainly pricey in comparison with high-end places in neighboring countries. Seafood on the cayes is delicious and varied.

On the other hand, there is local food served at smaller restaurants, which is generally rice and beans with chicken. It is cheap, filling and usually taste, although you might be careful if you buy this kind of meal from a stall. You can also find international food, particularly Latin American, North American and Chinese.

Drinks in Belize

Drinks in Belize mainly consist of the local beer, Belikin Beer, along with rum-based cocktails. Belikin Beer is considered as the official beer of Belize, and came from the sole brewery allowed to make and distribute beer in the country. Tourists have come to love Belikin Beer, and their trip is not completed without them enjoying as least a bottle. Belikin Beer is a great complement to many of the Belizean specialties, including:

• Tacos with shredded chicken, cabbage, cilantro and onions

• Rice and beans, or beans and rice where the beans are cooked separately and spooned with their own gravy over white rice

• Fry Jacks which are fluffy fried crescents of dough, recognizable in Mexico as sopapillas

• Conch fritters, which are pieces of conch deep fried in batter

• Plantains that are fried to a sweet golden brown and served with most meals

• Refried beans served with everything from breakfast to dinner with a slightly sweet bean paste

• Garnaches, which is a typical Mestizo dish of fried tortilla topped with refried beans, cabbage, carrots and cheese

• Ereba, which is a Garifuna dish of bread made from grated cassava and eaten with fish, plantains or gravy

• Maria Sharp’s Hot Sauce, which is a Belizean sauce found on every table in every restaurant, designed to space up a meal

Taste The Food in Belize

Food in Belize is generally stodgy and tasty, making them a great compliment for the smooth taste of Belikin Beer. If you are eating street food in Belize City, for example, try to ensure that it has been thoroughly and recently cooked. There are so many rice and beans stalls selling meat that may well have set there all day. Many hotels and restaurants automatically tack on a service charge of 15%.

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