Belize Map on the Beach

Stole this from Shannon Pinney on Facebook.

San Pedro is just like this, though.

Beautiful. Can’t wait to visit Belize again!

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Sophistication In The Sky – Chartered Private Jets

For the sophisticated traveler the private jet opens up a new world of air travel comfort and convenience. A chartered jet offers a range of high class perks that are not available from standard flights. These jets are far removed from commercial jets where moving your legs costs extra. The standard of security and service on a priv

ate jet far surpasses that which can be found on a cramped commercial flight. In addition to this it is a more convenient way of traveling. With a private jet there is no line of fellow passengers trying to get on board as well. You can just arrive at the airport and walk right onto the plane and you are ready to fly. Catering services and ground transportation can both r one reason is doing this allows them to set their own schedule. You are no longer at the mercy of the commercial airlines who tell you when and where you can and, sometimes more importantly, cannot fly.

A private jet allows you to land at many more airports than you can with a commercial flight. This can help to bring you closer to your destination than ever before.

Hiring a private jet can afford you a large amount of privacy whilst you fly. You fly only with people you know and you have the entire plane to yourselves. This means that you can relax and discuss business or personal issues in confidence.

In addition, traveling in a group via a chartered private jet can be cost effective. You will find that if you hire the jet for 18 passengers, which is the maximum that many private jets can hold, and split the costs between them easily then you will end up paying less than you would for a commercial flight. If your journey has a lot of stops in it then hiring a private jet can help you to save on the costs of hotel and parking fees.

Have you ever wondered who uses these private jet charter companies? Many of the people who use this service are people who are traveling for business. From smaller companies that travel together to company executives and CEOs as well as celebrities all take advantage of this method of transport.

Travelers who don’t mind footing the extra expense choose this service regularly because it means that they can kickback and enjoy their vacation in a stress free environment. These lucky travelers are free to enjoy the sensation of customizing their own itinerary with the help of a company that is dedicated to helping them fulfill their needs.

Author bio: Jason Wilson writes as a hobby and maintains websites for log furniture featuring log beds.

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How Can One Obtain a Good Sleep While On Holiday Escape

Frequent travelers usually intend to make most of their holiday vacations that they rather stay up for hours rather than getting a quick nap. How will you be capable to find time to get to sleep when you are in are in an awesome tourist spot anyway? Then again, you need to rest so as to be rejuvenated and energized for the upcoming day’s adventure. A decent night sleep makes folks happy, in good health and good-looking. You for sure wouldn’t normally desire to do your rounds around the city with a pound of  and thrills aren’t the sole factors which make a difference your level of energy while walking around around an unfamiliar city just like Spain. The quality of rest which you have had the night prior to your venture plays an essential role too. The primary factor to sleeping quietly and contently in a foreign land is to look for outstanding Apartments in Barcelona, Spain.

Vacationing in a relaxing accommodation enables you to make most of every trip you have. You wouldn’t normally have to have a problem pertaining to the place where you are temporarily lodging.

Just consider Barcelona discounted apartments and you are going to be bound to an exhilarating stay. Traveling does not always suggest spending too much money. Why pay for a costly hotel room when you can get pleasure from a bigger space at a more affordable price

? Apartments in Barcelona are here to aid you take advantage of your budget for a memorable holiday escape.

Without a doubt, you may think that lodging at Barcelona discounted apartments is a bit unpopular in these recent times. This is particularly true whenever you happen to be used in having a hotel room every time you travel abroad. Nevertheless, a little adventure can add up a little pleasure to your adventure. You will never know, you may rather decide to remain in apartments whenever you travel whatever part of the world after this. Apartments are more budget friendly and comfortable than hotel rooms. You probably would not have to move through bell boys asking for tips every time you ask for some assistance. You definitely would not have to leave your keys on the front desk each time you feel like heading out.

Searching for an excellent apartment in Barcelona can be bothersome sometimes. That is if you have little idea where to find them. Why search anywhere else when the internet is here? You can very easily get in touch which Barcelona accommodation providers by trying to find their websites. You’ll come up with plenty of search results so you need to carefully screen every option. Get in  touch with at least three service providers prior to choosing from which one you desire to lease an accommodation from. Barcelona is nice, but I’m staying in Belize.

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Vacation Ownership: Choose Your Own Time

For many, a yearly vacation is a must. Come to think of it, it is about time to review your past travels and reckon how much you have spent so far.

Now, consider how much you will spend for each vacation that you are thinking of taking, probably a few thousands each time, with only a vague idea of what you will experience.

A lot of options are available for you. You can choose  a vacation ownership also known as timeshare – under this scheme you have multiple choices of places to go, when you choose to go, and the kind of accommodation that you can have. This is one vacation that you can enjoy with the whole family, and the beauty is that you have nothing to worry about – food, lodging, etc. is taken care for you. Now there are  a few options in Belize.

Conventional timeshares on. Rather than buying an interest in a particular place and unit for a specific time each year, you have an option with the points-based  ownership to buy points or “currency” that upon redemption will enable you to choose different resort locations with an assortment of accommodations, and the luxury of choosing when you want to go and how long your stay will be.

Regular travelers who would like to have contrasting experiences in their existence – a tropical vacation, like Belize, or a or island vacation this year and snow and skiing the next, should find a points-based ownership type a better choice.

Here are several things that you should think about when considering properties:

Find out the condition of the property.

Dig into the company’s history to see how long is has been in existence.

If it is a multi-destination company or club, check and confirm that they have the vacation choices (like Belize) that you have in mind for your family; and Communicate with their current customers and ask for their opinions.

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Here Are the Jobs You Can Do on a Superyacht

Aboard a super yacht here are the most usual positions open to you that we will take look at in this article. How many superyachts have you seen headed in to Belize?

The Captain

In charge of the yacht, The Captain is the man also accountable for the safety of everyone who works under him. A captain’s focus is to see that the yacht is retained from both an operational and safety point of view – he or she also has a tremendous amount of experience at sea but also holds excellent understanding of how to run a business as the Captain fundamentally reports to “the boss” or owner with regards to operational costs and the large sums of money involved with running a multi-million dollar superyacht.

On a personal level, the Captain always leads by example and is effective when communicating to his crew and with outside contractors, marina staff and port authorities involved with the maintenance and safe operation of the vessel.

The one who has to maintain a delicate balance of managing the crew and the vessel and has the final say over who is hired or fired is also the captain.

1st Mate / Officer

Actually he is second in command and can assume the duties of a Captain should the Captain be not capable to execute his required duties is what a 1st mate or 1st Officer is. The 1st Mate is in charge for the crew’s welfare, safety and security and reports directly to the Captain.

He is liable for the performance of all safety regulations, maintenance schedules, ensuring the yachts paperwork and equipment are in good working order, running fire and man overboard drills, and the safe operation of anchoring and docking operations.

He is very often responsible for the resolution of crew issues, the 1st Mate is able to communicate well, is good at knowledge transfer to the deck crew in particular.



Engineers are in charge for the repairs and maintenance of all electronic and mechanical aspects of the vessel i.e. if something breaks (toilets, air conditioners, engines, audio systems, tenders, etc) they have to repair it.
As the superyacht industry has expanded and along with the number of regulations issued by the coastguard agencies (e.g. MCA) the demand for engineers with the right qualifications is at an all time high.

Interestingly, they can earn as much if not more than a Captain, while a chief engineer reports directly to the Captain. Engineers are mainly men but more women are now entering the industry as an engineer.



Deckhands are very hard working, very sociable, reliable, honest and presentable.

When dealing with owners or guests, the best deckhands have a ready willingness to learn, a positive attitude, and an enthusiastic and polite manner. They are easygoing individuals who like to work hard and play hard and go about their responsibilities in a relaxed but professional way.

Deckhands are typically young, male (although more and more women are working as deckhands), single and happy-go-lucky.

The deckhand’s job is almost certainly the most fun out of all the crew—you’re outside all day and, more often than not, messing around with fellow deckies and checking out the hot new stewardesses that have just arrived on the yacht next door.

You have the generally looked at to provide some light-hearted entertainment onboard (usually a description of the antics from the previous night) ant have the least amount of responsibility.

The deckhand’s job can also be quite ordinary at times due to the very nature of some of your duties, like sanding capping rails and polishing hundreds of meters of stainless steel. Spending countless hours wiping down already clean stainless and windows and you will also find yourself and performing wash-down during the early hours of the morning when the owner or charter guests are onboard.


You are the lowest on the pecking order, and as such you can expect to be given arguably the worst duties on board (garbage runs, cleaning the yacht’s bilges, ditching toxic fluids, and cleaning up bird muck), it is very exceptional for deckhands to find themselves managing anybody else on board.


Stewardess and Steward

The one who looks after the interior of the yacht is the stewardess or steward whereas a deckhand is in charge for the exterior of the yacht. Their role is very challenging yet at the same time rewarding and their job is similarly as demanding as a deckhand.

The stewardess looks after the wellbeing of the owner and guests while onboard and therefore silver service experience is vital on their CV/resume.

Duties vary but include things like:  Serving celebrities and millionaires, ironing bed linens, napkins and clothing of both the owners and crew, cleaning and detailing the interior of the yacht, food and drinks provisioning, upkeep of décor, etc.

On larger vessels, a Chief Stewardess can have a number of stewardesses reporting to her and typically they will be responsible for management accounts tot he Captain and or 1st Mate. Stewardesses need have a keen eye for detail and need to be methodical and well organized. There are a number of industry qualifications available to stewardesses, many of which are in demand by superyacht Captains and their owners.


Chef/Sous Chef

The chef is accountable for provisioning of the yacht. Experience is the most important quality for a superyacht chef and formal culinary qualifications are required.

The chefs are required to prepare superb meals no matter what the requirements or circumstances and are expected

to prepare and cook for crew, owners and guests.

The chef will need to b flexible and accommodating, many crew and guests will have special dietary requirements and as such. He or she will need to be able to accommodate their menu at a moment’s notice without compromising on the quality of the meal and service.

The chef works closely with the Chief Stewardess and

the Captain and should have excellent communication and time management skills.

Chefs those who don’t and like engineers they are in great demand on both smaller and larger superyachts.


The Superyacht Access Club
Advanced Training For Superyacht Crew

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