Popular Belizean Drinks and Foods for the Food Lovers

For all food lovers, a trip to Belize will introduce you to mouthwatering Belizean drinks and foods that the country is known for. Get to know the most popular food and drinks in Belize.

There are many Belizean drinks and food

Considering the mixture of Belizean drinkscultures in Belize, it would come as to no surprise that the foods
and drinks of Belize are also very mixed and diverse. Your food choices will also differ depending on the region of Belize you are in. For example, coastal towns mostly have food that is more seafood centric and Creole, while inland areas tend have Mayan-influenced meals. Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular Belizean drinks and food worth checking out on your next trip to this beautiful country.

Belizean Food

A usual Belizean breakfast is made up of toasted bread, dried pieces of dough, refried beans, flour tortilla, cheese and eggs. Lunch is mostly a lighter meal and includes rice, fried corn tortillas with meat and cheese, tamales, meat pies, stew chicken and cow foot soup or onion soup. Dinner is a heavier meal with beans and rice with meat and salad. Among the staples of Belizean diets are local fruits like banana and mango, and carbohydrates like rice and tortillas. When it comes to protein, Belizeans eat more chicken and fish than beef and port. In terms of unusual Belizean food, they have iguana, conch, gibnut and cow foot soup. Similar to Latin American countries, mealtimes are mostly treated as a communion for families; schools and businesses might even close midday for lunch. They then reopen during afternoons and evenings.

Belizean Drinks

First of all, you need to know that most of the drinking water in Belize is rainwater. Tap water is generally safe for tourists. However, it is recommended that visitors drink spring water or bottled water, which should be available in many stores throughout the country. Major varieties of soft drinks are also available throughout the country. Belikin is considered as the national beer of Belize and is available in three kinds: stout, premium and lager. The Belikin Brewery also bottles a locally produced Guinness Stout. When it comes to hard alcohol, Caribbean rum is your best choice. At the top of the list are 5-year aged Prestige and the more popular and more affordable rum brand 1 Barrel. There might be no notable wines in Belize, but you should find some made with native Belizean nuts and fruits such as banana wine, pineapple wine and cashew wine.

Regional Cuisines

There are certain Belizean regions with dishes that depend on their particular cultural influence. Island towns such as Ignacio has a more Mestizo or Mayan-influenced culinary background. This means that traditional Mexican dishes such as panades, fried tortillas, gernaches and tamales are much more common here compared to the coast. Mountainous towns have more access to farming lands, so they mostly have more corn, beans, plantain and other cultivated crops on their diets. On the other hand, Kriols and Garifuno in the cost have more fresh seafood like lobster and fish in their diets, as well as casavva, a root vegetable popular in the West Indian culture. Among the most popular ways to eat this is in the form of a cassava pone, a cake made of cassavo flour with coconut and raisins. There is also bammy, a fried cassava cake dipped in coconut milk.

Whatever Belizan drinks or foods you are looking to taste on your next vacation to Belize, you will surely have yourself a great food adventure that you will remember for a long time. There are many Belizean dishes that are made with naturally organic and fresh foods, so anyone who is looking after their diet should have no problems. If you have any food restrictions or allergies, many restaurants should be able to accommodate your special needs.

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