Belize Activities for the Adventurous Travelers

Belize is a great destination for active travelers, offering a vast array of specific sport and adventure opportunities in a small area. Whatever your taste in recreation, Belize should have something for you. There are a few places in the world where travelers can enjoy such a diversity of landscapes. From lowland jungles and mountainous forests to spectacular Great barrier reef and idyllic beaches, the region offers exciting places to practice a wide range of adventure sports. Check out some of the most popular ones below.

Diving/Snorkeling In Great Barrier Reef

BelizeBelize’s barrier reef has been named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. There are many places to dive and snorkel all along Belize’s territory, including the cayes, atolls, and various spots on the reef and mainland. Water visibility generally reaches over 100 feet. The water temperature stays close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long and the barrier reef makes for calm water almost year round. Take advantage of the many diving resorts and hotels catering to divers.


Belize is a perfect place to enjoy the fabulous sport of windsurfing. The cayes provide flat and quiet waters that are created by the protecting reef. The constant shore winds give an ideal location for beginners to have a first lesson. For the intermediate, it is fantastic for speeding and chop hopping. The water below is so clear that you can see fish and stingrays, and it is not unusual to see dolphins as you sail. For experienced surfers, there are wave sites and swell access on the outer reef.


In Belize, you have the opportunity to observe hundreds of different species of birds. Belize has recorded more than 540 species within its borders. Because of the country’s small population and lack of industry, much of Belize has remained virtually undisturbed. On various islands, you will find reserves for birds like the black catbird reserve on Caye Caulker and a bird sanctuary on Man-of-War Caye where you will find pelicans, brown bobbies and frigate birds.


In a country that is abundant with water sources, canoeing and kayaking are a very common and rewarding activity. Whether inland on one of the many river systems, in and around a cave, or out on the open sea near the reef and the cayes, you will have a chance to witness the unspoiled nature of Belize from a different point of view.


Belize has unbelievable cave formations. With abundant limestone and a wet climate, there are a great number of caves throughout Belize. Although most caves have not been thoroughly explored yet and because of the isolation of them, you will find natural splendors and archeological significance like ancient Mayan pottery and abundant species of animals like blind white crayfish and numerous arachnids. Rio Frió, St. Herman’s and Barton Creek Cave are some of the best ones to go to.

End Your Day With Belikin Beer

At the end of your adventure-filled day, nothing beats lounging on the beach as you enjoy the sunset. And while you are at it, grab a bottle or two of Belikin Beer. The number one beer in Belize, this refreshing drink will surely complete your day.

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Why You Should Travel in Belize: Top Tourist Attractions

The top tourist attractions as you travel in Belize

top tourist attractions in BelizeTravel in Belize and see a country with exotic wildlife, cave formations, coral reefs, tropical beaches, and a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. From the Belize drive resorts and ancient temple ruins, you would not believe that such a beautiful place exists in your midst. Read on and know what makes Belize island one of the top destinations in Central America.

Great Blue Hole

This is the most popular dive destination in the island of Belize. The Great Blue Hole offers so many interesting limestone formations that mold its walls. Underwater near the Lighthouse Reef is a gigantic sinkhole that creates a perfect circle of deep blue water. The deeper one dives into the Great Blue Hole, giving breath-taking scenery of limestone formations and stalactites become more complex and intense.

Caye Caulker

This is a coral island found on the Caribbean Sea, only accessed by a small plane or high-speed water taxi. In the recent years, the island has grown very popular among tourists and backpackers because of its lad back vibe, cheap prices, and abundance of bars and restaurants. The main transport to this area is walking. With its well-defined paths, crossing the island should only take about 20 minutes. Golf carts and bicycles are available in the area for rent.


The largest Maya site in Belize, Caracol sits high on the Vaca Plateau at 500 meters above sea level. This used to be one of the biggest ancient Maya cities, covering about 168 square kilometers. It peaked at around 650 AD with an estimated population of about 150,000. The largest pyramid in Caracol is Canaa. At 43 meters, this remains the tallest man-made structure in the island up until today.


Placencia is a famous peninsula found south of Belize. This is home to the best mainland beaches as well as the most amazing offshore coral caves. East of the Placencia Peninsula is a long expanse of white sand beach, white its western side features a narrow and long bay. The lovely beaches combined with abundant and expensive accommodation makes it a great place to relax and unwind.


Located north of Belize, Lamanai used to a Maya city and its ancient ruins are not yet completely uncovered. Much of its archaeological work concentrates on the investigation and restoration of its bigger structures like the 33-meter tall High Temple. Lamanai, literally translating to “submerged crocodile”, was still occupied by Mayans when the Spanish arrived and is one of the few Mayan sites that retained its traditional name.

Ambergris Caye

This is the largest of a few hundred caves found in the northernmost waters of Belize. It is a top tourist destination in the country, with its lack of big city traffic and high-rise hotels contributing to its relaxed and laid-back feel. People can get around the place just by walking. There are quality hotels in the town and resorts are just less than half a mile from the town of San Pedro. Travelers can rent golf carts and bicycles as a form of transportation.

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Next Stop: Belize!

Belize?! Sounds foreign to you?

belize fried conchYou may wonder what it is. Correct! You guessed it right; it is a country in Central America, near the famous Caribbean islands. Are you dreaming of a place where sand, sea, and sun are abundant then this is the place to be. There are a number of reasons why you must see the beautiful country of Belize.

1. Belize is not overcrowded with travelers.

In 2009, there were just 231,249 foreigners that arrived by air according to the Belize Tourism Board. For the tourism board that figure means a challenge but for you it means you must go now!

2. Money exchange in Belize is not a problem.

The Belizean dollar is the local currency, even though US dollars are widely accepted in the area. The exchange rate is frozen by government in $2 BZ to $1 U.S. Money conversion is relatively easy should you choose to pay in BZ dollars.

3. There are lots to try and do in Belize.

In fact, Belize has 7 World Heritage Sites. Their barrier reef is considered the 2nd longest barrier reef on the planet. The country additionally claims more than 1,060 mangroves. Some of these mangroves are inhabited like Caye Caulker, others are home to native and migratory birds, however don’t worry there are lots for you to travel around.

4. You can do nothing in Belize

But there is also lots of NOT to do. If you want to spend your day in a hammock, it is recommended to visit Pelican’s Pouch in October. Just do nothing other than be hypnotized by the sound of the waves or just drifting in and out of sleep.

5. You can get around Belize without Spanish

Because English is Belizeans’ lingua franca, since this was after all at one time a British territory. Although, you can still hear Creole, Spanish, or Quiche spoken by members of Belize’s various cultural communities, Belize is the country in Latin America/Caribbean where English is spoken as the main/official language

6. Belizean people are friendly to strangers.

They always say “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” and even “Good night.” It is said in this place you’ll meet more people willing to chat with you than in New York (although I don’t know that is a good comparison). They are nice here in Belize.

7. In Belize, there is always a huge event in the offing.

People start to flock in July for Belize International Film Festival, in September there will be Carnaval and Independence Day. When October comes it is the Taste of Belize and Garifuna Settlement Day in November.

8. Eating fish is a way of life for the people of Belize.

Fish makes up a meaningful part of the Belizean diet. It is the centerpiece in most of the dishes here. It is said that fishermen must sell their fresh catch with at least 2 inches of skin visible so that their potential buyers will know what fish they are buying and that its native. Try the conch. Fried conch is a staple here. Delicious!

9. Definitely worth a try is their native hooch.

They turn their native fruits into wine like grape fruit, rice, star fruit, and cashew. It is said that among these fruits, cashew is the most potent one. It can give you a 3 day hangover.

10. It’s simple to get around the country

Because most major highways are in excellent condition, it is easy to get around. Although Belize has big jungle there are occasional pockets of human life that you will see along the way. The Road to Belize is a very fun ride since they are safe, toll-free, and void of military checkpoints. On San Pedro, you still see cobblestone roads and electric cars. There you’ll take a boat as your main method of travel.

And we can’t forget Belikin beer.

This is the only beer you can find on Belize (although they also have Guinness licensed and it is there, too) so it’s a good thing the beer tastes good. Different varieties from the light to the dark and all worthy of best beer in the Caribbean. Belikin beer at your next stop, Belize.

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Belikin Beer overlooking the pier in Belize

Belikin Beer overlooking Ambergris Caye Belize

Taken by Reuben Salazar, this is a great shot of a Belikin beer at a place in Ambergris Caye, Belize. We found this stump in the middle of foliage and it made a beautiful shot.

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Drinking Belikin Beer in Belize

Drinking Belikin Beer in Belize by Devani AldersonDrinking Belikin beer in Belize.

Checking out some properties on a real estate field trip to Belize, stopping to have a nice cold Belikin and some lunch. I be likin’ the Belikin!

Photo by Devani Alderson

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Belize Map on the Beach

Stole this from Shannon Pinney on Facebook.

San Pedro is just like this, though.

Beautiful. Can’t wait to visit Belize again!

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Travel Wheelchairs Are Readily Available To The Handicapped Vacationer

People who have to  use wheelchairs are today able to access much more than they have been able to in the past because a lot of places are now geared up to helping wheelchair travel enthusiasts and those that have a mobility problem. Now that there are lightweight travel wheelchairs there are fewer problems for the disabled traveler. And you will need one in San Pedro, Belize. Many of the streets are newer cobblestone

Disabled people can have all sorts of problems to which today there seems to be a different wheelchair available for whatever problem arises. Disabled people often want to travel alone, a way in which they can keep their independence, and for this reason lightweight travel wheelchairs are a very much desired piece of equipment. Walking long corridors, like those from check in to an airplane departure gate can cause a huge amount of stress, even

to someone who is only partially mobility impaired. Having a lightweight wheel chair allows for an individual to be able to travel much greater distances without the stress and the other great advantage to a lightweight wheelchair is its ease of storage.

Lightweight  travel wheelchairs are superb for traveling in because they typically weigh no more than about 10kgs and can be folded and stored in very small spaces. They are absolutely ideal for fitting in the luggage compartments of cars. They can be reassembled very quickly and safely by almost anyone.

Something that is even more amazing is that these lightweight wheelchairs can hold the same weight as a conventional wheelchair. For those that do have partial mobility they will often keep a lightweight wheelchair in the boots of their cars just in case they decide they will be unable to manage a trip that they may have planned.

Most forms of public transport are now available to disabled travelers.  A wheelchair user needs to have any fear about help the disabled. Most have specially adapted seats near entry and exit points with easily accessible storage space for wheelchairs and suit cases. Now the disabled person can tour the country much more than ever before.

Ultalightweight chairs have recently seen huge advances in technology, the greatest advance being a reduction in weight. One wheelchair on the market today weighs only 6kgs as a result of the framework being made from an aluminum alloy. The wheelchair is still strong enough to take the weight of a 90kgs person. It still has all the standards such as breaks and foot rests that come with more standard models. For islands or Cayes like Belize make sure it it has oversized tires.

Authorities all over the world are now aiding disabled and mobility impaired people. Mobile impaired people no longer need to feel like prisoners in their own homes because the technology of travel wheelchairs has changed so much in recent years. Ten years ago no one would have believed that a wheelchair would weigh no more than 10kgs.

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Your Holidays Are Stressful Enough – Get Travel Insurance

When you are planning to go and visit Aunt Margaret and Uncle Earl, you want to make sure you are prepared.  The best way to do that is with travel insurance, and you can have it just for your holiday travel.

Surveys have shown that 17% of those who get travel insurance for their holiday trips have filed a claim. That is one in six people, so it appears that more people would consider getting this insurance. When you are traveling with your family, you would most certainly don’t want to cut corners on getting coverage.

When travelers are searching for cheap travel insurance, they want inexpensive and easy.  As e asy

as getting a car insurance.  When you book your trip, you can go online and check out a wide variety of coverages, and choose the type of plan that will fit within your budget.

There are different categories in the types of policies, namely: multi-trip, backpackers, seniors, adventure sports-including skiing, business, holiday, family and singles.  Insure and Go is one company that gives an easy solution for the holiday traveler and their family.

 They are one company where you can get winter sports travel insurance.

Insure and Go is known for their affordable prices and just making things incredibly easy.  They make it easier for you to have the policy you need with very little paperwork to deal with.  This company is also known for paying claims, so that is good to hear for anyone who has been frustrated in the past with not getting things settled.

To ensure that you are aware of what you are investing in, ask questions first before closing a deal. It would only make the effort in processing it pointless when you later find out that what you needed wasn’t included in your policy.

Whether you travel to Belize, the Ambergris Caye, San Pedro or anyplace on the mainland, it never hurts to be prepared.

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Finding The Right Scuba Diving Package

A scuba diving holiday can definitely be a fun and exciting. But careful planning must be done for this kind of excursion. A scuba diving holiday is a lot more complicated than your regular excursions, especially if you plan to go diving in another country.

You should do some careful planning for this kind of holiday.

When planning a scuba diving vacations, the most important thing is to determine where you want to go.  The goal is finding a destination that will fit within your set budget, but also one that offers diving for the type and experience level you need.  Taking all this into consideration will ensure a perfect balance so your vacation time is excellent.  This coupled with the assistance of a travel agent that specializes in dive trips is s of good diving destinations for your trip.a scuba diving holiday image

Since your focal is to go scuba diving, you want to make that your primary focus but you should also consider other adventures you could do while on land.  Typically, destinations for diving are exotic and surrounded by natural beauty, which means you can take in gorgeous views along the way.

To make your planning even easier, you might want to start by creating a list of everything you would need.  This would include items for the diving gear but also what you would need based on your level of certification.  Additionally, if you plan diving outside of the US, then you would have other things to consider such as possible vaccinations, currency exchange, and your Visa.

Doing research on each of these aspects of the trip will make things go much smoother.  The good news is that finding information about diving is a breeze using the internet.  In fact, everything you could possibly need to know so you have an incredible trip is available online.

To help you get started, we wanted to provide you with a partial list of some of the things you would need to consider for a scuba diving holiday to include:

Set the dates of your trip, but leave room for flexibility. Shop carefully for the right scuba diving package. Substantial saving can be realized with careful shopping Mark diving gear you well so that you can easily identify. Buy a travel insurance that includes scuba diving. Make copies of your key documents. Keep one for yourself and another copy to a trusted person back home. Do not forget to bring your medications and orders. Putting the bulk diving gear in your carry-on luggage. Ask your airline about their restrictions on scuba diving equipment.

Obviously, you want your scuba diving holiday to be something special, a time to remember.  Once a person experiences the wonders under the ocean, there is no turning back.

For the most amazing diving, obviously we believe it is in Belize. Just be sure to drink your Belikin beer after your amazing dive.

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Belikin Dark in Belize

Belikin Dark

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