10 Good Reasons to Visit and Experience Belize

Ever since Belize gained popularity as a holiday destination, one of the most frequently asked questions have been: Why Belize country? Why should someone opt to travel to Belize than any other place? The reasons are pretty simple. Be convinced with this list of reasons to travel to this beautiful country.

Belize Country

Belize country1. The key to having good conversations is having interesting stories. How about adding scuba diving with whale sharks to your recent activities? They are gentle and docile creatures, but something about having the words whale and shark next to each other make it sound intimidating, and perhaps more interesting.

2. Hiking is more fun in Belize. After a two-hour hike, you end up at the mouth of an amazing cave, like the Actun Tunichil Muknal. Getting inside involves swimming and squeezing yourself through narrow areas. Old Mayan pots, cool rock formations and sacrificial remains make the trip worth it.

3. If you like diving, then know that Belize is home to the world famous Great Blue Hole. Any serious diver should be aware of this wonder. Going to Belize will make you cross it off your bucket list.

4. Known as the Mayan heartland, Belize has the highest concentration of Maya archeological sites in Mesoamerica. The most popular are Xunantunich and Lamanai. Famous sites like Tikal in Guatemala and Chichen Itza in Mexico are also just a few hours away from here.

5. Life can be hectic, especially in the big city. If you are on the subway, you are bound to get the evil eye from someone you bumped into. But this is not the case in Belize. Everyone is always friendly, wearing a smile and never running. The secret is that you have to learn to go slow.

Belize Food

6. Belize is teeming with waterfalls and rivers, which are great places for adventure and water sports. These areas are also full of wildlife, so you can also take tours or just get a glimpse or different birds and marine life.

7. Simple and good food. Belize food is an amalgamation of the various cultures that call the place home for Mestizo, Creole, Maya and Garifuna. Expect to eat fry jack and refried beans for breakfast and rice and beans with stew chicken for lunch. And then gulp everything down with a bottle or two of the famous Belikin Beer.

8. Nature nourishes. Be alone, paddle down the river and hear the various sounds of birds and other wildlife. Belize offers you the cottage life experience, the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living.

9. The Belize Barrier Reef system is the second largest barrier reef in the world, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For anyone who loves snorkeling among beautiful corals, checking this out is a must.

10. There are plenty of beautiful islands. You can pitch a tent and sleep under the stars on an uninhabited island or enjoy luxury accommodations at a secluded island. It is without merit that Ambergris Caye was voted the best island in the world for 2013.

Set Now Your Belize Vacation

A Belize vacation is relaxing and soothing. It is also physically and mentally stimulating. Many visitors love it so much that they later choose to retire in Belize.

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Travel to Belize Before the Crowds Arrive

With the Caribbean dominated by hyperactive Belize all-inclusive resorts, you can still travel to Belize and still go native. Touting a fairy tale landscape of white-sand beaches, lush rain forests, and soaring mountains, virtually all activities are accessible from several fun and funky beachfront towns. Belize accommodations are upscale yet small-scale, but much bigger developments are underway. We have outlined five reasons to travel to Belize country now, before the crowds arrive.

Try Belize all-inclusive Resorts

travel To BelizeBeach Bumming

Just off Belize’s Caribbean coast is archipelago of sunny islands, featuring various natural wonders and charming beach towns, all of which are easily reached via a well-run local carrier. In San Pedro, where streets are so narrow that residents drive around in golf carts, a 190-mile long barrier reef extends along the town’s coastline, and the beachfront is lined with dive shops, excursion boats, restaurants and bars. Also, Placencia has miles of uninterrupted beach, and just a few cozy boutique Belize hotels.

Adventure Seeking

If you cannot imagine spending vacation time in a beach chair, you can channel your inner Tarzan in Belize. Start with cave exploration and river tubing in Cayo, where vacationers can rappel into caverns and float along an underground river on inner tubes. Hikers can explore 22,000 acres of protected jungle and mangrove forests in Corozal, trek to Antelope Falls, or follow rain forest trails with panoramic views of the Caribbean in Corozal Bay. In Hopkins, choose from shallow or deep fishing excursions.

Travel To Belize

Diving In

Belize diving is world class, with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve housing over 160 species of fish and nearly 40 types of coral, plus stingrays and nurse sharks. Caye Caulker, the favorite getaway spot for locals, offers several coral reef dives. Try the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, or go to the Splash Dive Center in Placencia for whale shark diving excursions, plus day and overnight trips to the Great Blue Hole submarine sinkhole, ranked among the top 10 best dive sites in the world by Jacques Cousteau.

Culture Chasing

Belize harbors a happy mixture of Mayan, Mexican, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese, Indian, Garifuna and Rastafarian cultures, adding immeasurable charm and variety to local life. The distinct cultures are celebrated in various festivals highlighting cuisine, art and music. Visitors have multiple opportunities to sample ethnic cuisine, traditions and customs. Hit up Dangriga for its multimedia exploration of Garifuna culture, create Mayan meals and handicrafts in Cayo, or learn Garifuna techniques in Hopkins.

Archeological Hunting

Once at the heart of the ancient Mayan empire, Belize offers some of its most important archeological sites. Caracol was among the Mayans’ most important political centers and remains under excavation, while the ancient trading center of Altun Ha proposes many imposing temples. The Altun Ha is the logo for the popular Belikin Beer of Belize. In the Toledo District, Lubaantun features structures made with large stone blocks, and includes three Mesoamerican ball courts.

Book Now Your Belize Vacation

With all the reasons above, there is no reason for you to not go on a Belize vacation. Contact a travel agency now for vacation packages and make your dream travel to Belize a reality.

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7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Travel To Belize

If you are in the planning phase for a vacation, travel to Belize. Belize is situated in Central America, between Guatemala and Mexico and offers an abundance of pristine beaches, rich sea life, humble people and fresh air. A Belize vacation gives you a chance to be away from the usual hustle and bustle of life and spend adventurous and pleasurable time with family. There are great many amazing things about Belize. Here are some of them.

Belize Vacation

travel to Belize1. Beaches and islands – The beauty of the country lies in the breath-taking Belize beaches, coral island and nature hugging land. The Corozal District, north of Belize, has beaches with clear waters and breath-taking views. Many Belize resorts are located a short distance from beaches.

2. Outdoor sports – It is a great spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports. There are many outdoor sport options for tourists, snorkeling, kayaking, fly fishing, surfing, birding and deep sea fishing is just some of the many activities you can enjoy in Belize.

3. Local produce – Belize is a small country, housing a lot of natural produce from fruits and vegetables to nuts and dairy products. The local produce is fresh and is great for health. You can also find the greasy American food like fried chicken and steaks at slightly highly priced restaurants but the overall nutrition of Belizeans is based on natural products.

Belize Country

4. Relaxing and peaceful – Belize country is away from all the crazy madness of everyday life. The abundance of nature creates a serene atmosphere that helps you escape from stress and anxiety, calms your senses and is a great way to relax and unwind. If lounging on the beach and sipping on Belikin Beer do not fit your definition of relaxation, Belize also has night life.

5. Language and currency – One of the conveniences in Belize is that English is their official language. About 80% of the population speaks Spanish while 60% can speak English really well. Over the years, many Americans have bought lots in Belize and relocated there for good. The American dollar is widely accepted in Belize as well.

6. Belize time – Belize is a place where time goes slow; everyone is very relaxed and carries out their duties without a rush. While you are on vacation in Belize, you will notice that Belizeans do things at their own pace; they take time less seriously than Americans do.

7. Affordability – What is better than a vacation that is affordable, beautiful and fun? Even though certain high end areas of Belize may be costly, many cheaper options are available to make your vacations relaxing and pocket-friendly.

Travel To Belize Next Time

A travel to Belize is a very refreshing experience; swimming in blue coral waters can be a treat on its own. It’s a good thing that Belize is just a short distance from North America. Look out for Belize travel packages and experience all the amazing things that this beautiful country has to offer.

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