Going to Belize? Make Sure You Try these Belize Beers

The monopoly of the Belize Brewery means that are only a few beers in the country. If you find yourself in Belize, make sure that you try these five Belize beers.

Belize brewery makes several beers

If you are looking know and taste the different Belikin beerBelize beers, then know that there is just one brewery in the country that only produces one brand of beer. Belikin has sole monopoly of the domestic beer market of Belize. There really is not much in the selection of international beers as Belikin dominates the domestic market, and appears to do well in keeping international competitors at bar. Basically, there are only four primary beers in the country. All in all, there is actually eight, counting the locally-brewed Guinness and three seasonal. Here are five of the seven Belizean beers that you need to try on your trip.

Belikin Stout

Belizeans brew a good stout that gives a pleasant change of pace to this Central American/Caribbean nation. This English stout might be straight out the British roots, but this country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations led by the Queen. The Belikin Stout is common, and can be bought from all bars, stores and restaurants. Just ensure that you buy the bottle with the blue cap; otherwise, you will get the pale lager. This thin stout has notes of caramel, roasted malts, coffee, licorice and caramel. A popular go-to beer in the country, this dark beer is light-bodied enough to have consume a few, and still drinks refreshingly after a hot day. The flavor becomes richer as it warms up.

Guiness Foreign Extra Stout

The brand licensing and brew recipe directly comes from the namesake Ireland brewery, but it is the Belikin Brewing Company that brews and bottles this beer in Belize. The brew recipe is also not the same as the Guiness you might be accustomed to, maybe even better. The Belizean Brewing Company does a good job in brewing old recipes. Right from the start, this full-bodied beer gives you the taste of smooth and nice roasted malts. The added hops can also be noticed, especially in this finish, giving it a clean medium bitterness to the stout. There is a bit of coffee flavor in it and a hint of chocolate, but this stout is not sweet.

Sorrel Stout

This is Belikin’s winter seasonal. It is a stout brewed with the sorrel, an herb popularly used in salads, soups and sauces. Sorrel has a flavor similar to kiwi fruit or sour wild strawberries. If you drink it, you will not pick up any flavor, but you will taste a hint of strawberries, but not sour. In the first few sips, you will find it syrupy. But each time you drink this beer, it should grow on you after the first initial steps. This is because the flavor profile will change and the beer will warm up a bit, or it has just grown on you. Many love the slightly sweet taste of this tout and say that this is the most complex-tasting beer by Belikin.


Wrapped in a golden foil, this is the summer seasonal of the Belikin Brewing Company. The term ‘verano’ translates to ‘summer’ in Spanish, which the company claims to be ‘summer in a bottle.’ This is a delicious beer and many choose this over the regular lager. This might be because of the aging of some of the flavors that might have muted a bit as others can through more. This beer lager has a nice but slightly orange peel flavor to it, with a dash of spiciness. The beer has a hint of sweetness to it with a light tang to it. The brew is very refreshing and zesty. This is a great drink during summer.

Belikin Lager

This solid Central American=style pale lager is very common in Belize. In fact, this might be their top seller. It is bland and watery, but it is refreshing during the afternoon heat. This is a good choice to switch to when you do not want another stout. Ensure that you get the bottle with the green cap; otherwise, you will get a stout. The beer tastes of grains and is slightly sweet and floral. The slight hops flavor is almost missed altogether for a mild bitterness. It is smooth, clean and thirst-quenching. This is a good beach beer and is better than many Mexican pale lager equivalents.

So if you find yourself vacationing in Belize, make sure that you get to taste any of the beers above to get a taste of what Belize really is. Get a bottle of cold beer after a delicious seafood lunch, after an exciting afternoon of sightseeing, and another one to cap off your night.

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