Popular Belizean Drinks and Foods for the Food Lovers

For all food lovers, a trip to Belize will introduce you to mouthwatering Belizean drinks and foods that the country is known for. Get to know the most popular food and drinks in Belize.

There are many Belizean drinks and food

Considering the mixture of Belizean drinkscultures in Belize, it would come as to no surprise that the foods
and drinks of Belize are also very mixed and diverse. Your food choices will also differ depending on the region of Belize you are in. For example, coastal towns mostly have food that is more seafood centric and Creole, while inland areas tend have Mayan-influenced meals. Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular Belizean drinks and food worth checking out on your next trip to this beautiful country.

Belizean Food

A usual Belizean breakfast is made up of toasted bread, dried pieces of dough, refried beans, flour tortilla, cheese and eggs. Lunch is mostly a lighter meal and includes rice, fried corn tortillas with meat and cheese, tamales, meat pies, stew chicken and cow foot soup or onion soup. Dinner is a heavier meal with beans and rice with meat and salad. Among the staples of Belizean diets are local fruits like banana and mango, and carbohydrates like rice and tortillas. When it comes to protein, Belizeans eat more chicken and fish than beef and port. In terms of unusual Belizean food, they have iguana, conch, gibnut and cow foot soup. Similar to Latin American countries, mealtimes are mostly treated as a communion for families; schools and businesses might even close midday for lunch. They then reopen during afternoons and evenings.

Belizean Drinks

First of all, you need to know that most of the drinking water in Belize is rainwater. Tap water is generally safe for tourists. However, it is recommended that visitors drink spring water or bottled water, which should be available in many stores throughout the country. Major varieties of soft drinks are also available throughout the country. Belikin is considered as the national beer of Belize and is available in three kinds: stout, premium and lager. The Belikin Brewery also bottles a locally produced Guinness Stout. When it comes to hard alcohol, Caribbean rum is your best choice. At the top of the list are 5-year aged Prestige and the more popular and more affordable rum brand 1 Barrel. There might be no notable wines in Belize, but you should find some made with native Belizean nuts and fruits such as banana wine, pineapple wine and cashew wine.

Regional Cuisines

There are certain Belizean regions with dishes that depend on their particular cultural influence. Island towns such as Ignacio has a more Mestizo or Mayan-influenced culinary background. This means that traditional Mexican dishes such as panades, fried tortillas, gernaches and tamales are much more common here compared to the coast. Mountainous towns have more access to farming lands, so they mostly have more corn, beans, plantain and other cultivated crops on their diets. On the other hand, Kriols and Garifuno in the cost have more fresh seafood like lobster and fish in their diets, as well as casavva, a root vegetable popular in the West Indian culture. Among the most popular ways to eat this is in the form of a cassava pone, a cake made of cassavo flour with coconut and raisins. There is also bammy, a fried cassava cake dipped in coconut milk.

Whatever Belizan drinks or foods you are looking to taste on your next vacation to Belize, you will surely have yourself a great food adventure that you will remember for a long time. There are many Belizean dishes that are made with naturally organic and fresh foods, so anyone who is looking after their diet should have no problems. If you have any food restrictions or allergies, many restaurants should be able to accommodate your special needs.

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Tourist Guide: When is the Best Time to Vacation in Belize?

There is no fixed answer on when is the best time to visit Belize, as tourist have a different perfect time for their vacations. Learn about the seasons, weather and festivals during the Belize tourist season.

When is the best time to vacation in Belize

The question on when is the best time to the vacation in Best time to vacation in belizeBelize has no fixed answer. The reason for this is that it is always a great time to visit Belize. However, everyone is looking for different opportunities when choosing an ideal vacation time. For instance, there is no best time to visit the country for scuba diving, but if you want to go diving with the whale sharks, you can only do this from March to June. There are some major factors that contribute to having a more enjoyable vacation in Belize. Good weather is one of these, of course, alongwith fun activities such as events and festivals, and either taking advantage of off peak rates during low season or choosing to mingle with the crowds during high season.

High Season and Low Season

The high season in Belize for tourism is from the months November to May. This time period simultaneously runs with the dry season, which is the best time for weather in the country. Coincidentally, this also matches with the winter of the great white north, so there are lots of Canadians and Americans who are looking to escape the cold, searching for warmer climate. This makes it a good time to visit Belize.

Belize’s low season runs from June to October. Many travelers strategically visit Belize during this time so they can take advantage of much lower rates. Many tourism businesses drop their room and tour rates from 30 to 50 percent so they can accommodate the plunge in tourist arrivals.

Dry Season and Rainy Season

Dry season in Belize is somewhat winter minus the snow and freezing cold. During the months of November through January, the temperature in Belize drops a little, leading to cool windy days with lots of sunshine. By the months February to May, it tends to be hotter with almost no clouds. The good weather permits for scheduling lots of fun activities, including aquatic sports and jungle adventures. After all, Belize is truly an active destination. This is the best time to best time to visit Belize.

It is during the dry season that the country experiences its high Belize tourism season, so certain towns and archaeological sites can be a little bit crowded with tourists. However, keep in mind that Belize is relatively considered unknown and does not really attract so much tourists compared to other popular countries.

The rainy season is equivalent with the low season of tourism in Belize, which runs from June to October. Being in Belize this time can mean that sunny days will likely be ruined by rain showers. But the good news is that unless there is a tropical storm, showers mostly last for only an hour or two. Also remember that the hurricane season of Belize is during this time, and a potential hurricane can make cut your vacation short.

Another negative of the rainy season that, because of numerous rains, certain tours like diving or snorkeling and caving adventures like Actun Tunichil Muknal and Barton Creek Cave can be cancelled for a couple of days until it is once again safe. But even though the Belize rainy season has several issues to consider, many people think that it is fair trade for avoiding crowds and saving money.

Festivals and Events

Lobster Festival Undoubtedly the most popular event, this festival takes place in Caye Caulker in Placencia and San Pedro, with each of these locations conducting their festivals immediately after the opening the lobster season during mid-June every year.
International Costa Maya Festival This event brings huge crows from everywhere to Ambergris Caye, where the lively San Pedro Town hosts a week-long of beauty pageants and parties
Independence Day and St. George’s Caye Day Visiting September is a great time to witness national pride as Belizeans celebrate these two historic events.

Belizeans are energetic, lively people who enjoy any opportunity to have a good time drinking, dancing and being merry. Holding some of the most festive events in Central America, many travels ensure that their time coincides with certain celebrations. Some of other interesting festivals and events include Garifuna Settlement Day, Toledo Cacao Festival, Battle of the Drums and La Ruta Maya River Challenge. Look for vacation in Belize packages now so you can start exploring this interesting and stunning country.

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10 Belizean Foods that are Perfect with a Belikin Beer Glass

The gorgeous country of Belize offer a rich variety of dishes that would make for a perfect pair with Belikin Beer glass. Learn the top 10 must-taste dishes in Belize you should try on your next trip.

These dishes do well with Belikin Beer glass

The beautiful Central American country that is Belize Belikin beer glass(which is still identified in globes and maps as British Honduras) will not officially turn 30 years old until next year. But in less than three decades as a nation, Belize has come to develop a cuisine all on its own based on influences from the British, the Caribbean and the Spanish. While most of the country’s food source comes from the Caribbean Sea, many traditional and native dishes have very little to do with the ocean and more with their abudant vegetables, fruits and seasonings.

Just as Americans need their ketchup, Belizeans need their habanero sauce. A bottle of Marie Sharp’s Habanero Sauce is found on every table, and just a few dahses can make it into every dish. However, real cools make their own; homemade habanero sauce mostly comes with a serious kick. Also, Belize meals are perfect when paired with a cold Belikin Beer glass. You do not have to worry because this locallu-famous beer is available practically everywhere. Make sure that you taste as least a few of these top Belizean dishes.

1. Rice, beans and boiled chicken are to Belize what friend chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob are to America. The chicken is boiled for a few hours with garlic, recado (a root that gives the dish its red color) and local seasonings. The Mayans used recado for tattoo ink, but it is more commonly used today as coloring in lipstick.
2. Cashew wine do not come from the cashew nut, but a cashew apple (the fruit that surrounds the nut). It gives a very sweet wine. The best advice would be to sip in small doses (the hangover it produces is a doozie).
3. After you have recovered from that hangover, try drinking 1 Barrel Rum. This is a dark rum and is considered as the official drink of the nation.
4. Journey cakes, otherwise known as Johnny cakes, are a break-like treat that is made with flour and coconut milk. The cakes pack and travel well and are standard fare for fishermen to take out for several days or weeks at a time. This is the reason why it is also called a ‘journey cake.’
5. Do not let the word ‘chicken’ in the ‘bamboo chicken’ dish fool into thinking that you are eating poultry. It is really just local iguana and is best served around Easter.
6. If you are interested by rodent dishes, then you will love gibnut (otherwise known as rat). At some point, it was known as the Royal Rat, as it was served to Queen Elizabeth when she visited.
7. Aside from being really fun to say, cheesy cho cho, it tastes somewheat like cauliflower with cheese sauce poured on it. Instead, the vegetable is called chayoe or christophine and is a member of the squash family.
8. Escabeche is basically a chicken soup. It is heavily seasoned with black pepper, onion and vinegar. Many cooks also add loads of jalapenos to add a bit of kick.
9. For dessert, try either soursop ice cream or craboo ice cream. The craboo fruit is about the same size of a blueberry, but either red or yellow and tastes quite sweet. The cream is about the ame color. The soursop is more citrusy and is bigger. Both are great treats on a hot and humid day in Belize.
10. The traditional Caribbean rum cake, or rainforest rum cake, is baked in Belize and a portion of the sales support the restoration of the rainforests in this beautiful country. The charitable side of this desset means offses its calories.

Do you not find these food items appetizing? So the next time you find yourself touring this Central American hotspot, make sure that you taste these top 10 items. Book your trip to Belize now so you can start to experience the rich cuisine of this gorgeous country. And make sure you do not forget to pair your food choices with a cold and refreshing Belikin Beer glass!

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Belize Activities for the Adventurous Travelers

Belize is a great destination for active travelers, offering a vast array of specific sport and adventure opportunities in a small area. Whatever your taste in recreation, Belize should have something for you. There are a few places in the world where travelers can enjoy such a diversity of landscapes. From lowland jungles and mountainous forests to spectacular Great barrier reef and idyllic beaches, the region offers exciting places to practice a wide range of adventure sports. Check out some of the most popular ones below.

Diving/Snorkeling In Great Barrier Reef

BelizeBelize’s barrier reef has been named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. There are many places to dive and snorkel all along Belize’s territory, including the cayes, atolls, and various spots on the reef and mainland. Water visibility generally reaches over 100 feet. The water temperature stays close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long and the barrier reef makes for calm water almost year round. Take advantage of the many diving resorts and hotels catering to divers.


Belize is a perfect place to enjoy the fabulous sport of windsurfing. The cayes provide flat and quiet waters that are created by the protecting reef. The constant shore winds give an ideal location for beginners to have a first lesson. For the intermediate, it is fantastic for speeding and chop hopping. The water below is so clear that you can see fish and stingrays, and it is not unusual to see dolphins as you sail. For experienced surfers, there are wave sites and swell access on the outer reef.


In Belize, you have the opportunity to observe hundreds of different species of birds. Belize has recorded more than 540 species within its borders. Because of the country’s small population and lack of industry, much of Belize has remained virtually undisturbed. On various islands, you will find reserves for birds like the black catbird reserve on Caye Caulker and a bird sanctuary on Man-of-War Caye where you will find pelicans, brown bobbies and frigate birds.


In a country that is abundant with water sources, canoeing and kayaking are a very common and rewarding activity. Whether inland on one of the many river systems, in and around a cave, or out on the open sea near the reef and the cayes, you will have a chance to witness the unspoiled nature of Belize from a different point of view.


Belize has unbelievable cave formations. With abundant limestone and a wet climate, there are a great number of caves throughout Belize. Although most caves have not been thoroughly explored yet and because of the isolation of them, you will find natural splendors and archeological significance like ancient Mayan pottery and abundant species of animals like blind white crayfish and numerous arachnids. Rio Frió, St. Herman’s and Barton Creek Cave are some of the best ones to go to.

End Your Day With Belikin Beer

At the end of your adventure-filled day, nothing beats lounging on the beach as you enjoy the sunset. And while you are at it, grab a bottle or two of Belikin Beer. The number one beer in Belize, this refreshing drink will surely complete your day.

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Beers Produced by the Belize Brewery

After you are done with all the swimming, surfing and sightseeing, wouldn’t it be nice to lounge in the sand and just rest? To make this all the more relaxing, why don’t you add a Belikin beer to the equation? Then take a trip to the Belize Brewery and grab yourself some of their best beers. Know, though, that are only four main beers in Belize. But if you include the locally-brewed Guinness and the three seasonal beers, then there would be eight. Nevertheless, here are the top five of the seven Belizean beers available in your trip.

Belikin Beer

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Stout, 7.5%)

Belikin beerThe brew recipe and brand licensing of this beer is directly from the namesake of the popular Ireland brewery we all know, but it is Belikin Brewing Company that brews ad bottles this beer here in Belize. So, technically, it is a Belizean beer still. Also, the brew recipe is not as the same as the conventional Guinness. In fact, it might be better. The Belikin beer factory does a great job at brewing the centuries-old recipe. From the get-go, you can taste the smooth and nice roasted malts of this beer. Also, the presence of added hops is definitely noticeable, particularly in the finish, giving a clean medium bitterness to this dry stout. It has a bit of coffee flavor and a small bit of chocolate.

Belikin Beer Factory Produces

Sorrel Stout (Stout, 6.5%)

This Belize Belikin stout is the brand’s winter seasonal, which is a stout brewed with sorrel, an herb used in salads, sauces and soups. Sorrel has a flavor comparable to sour wild strawberries or kiwi fruit. When you drink this beer, you might not pick up kiwi flavor, although you will get a bit of strawberry. This beer has a rather syrupy flavor, but it should grow on you after the first initial sips. It might be the flavor profile that’s changed when the beer warms a bit or it might just grow on you. This is a slightly sweet stout and is the most complex tasting beer that Belize Brewing Co Belikin beer makes. Its taste is slightly reminiscent of a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Verano (Pale Lager, 4.8%)

This is the Belikin Brewing Company’s summer season, and is wrapped in a golden foil. The name ‘verano’ translates to summer in Spanish and the company says that this beer is a ‘summer in a bottle.’ It is a tasty beer and might be better than the regular lager, but it might be because of the aging of some of the flavor; it might have muted a bit while others came through more. This lager has some nice but slight orange peel flavor and has a bit of spiciness to it, as well. The beer carries a small sweetness to it and also has a very light tang to it as well. The brew is zesty while also very refreshing. You can easily see yourself crushing a few of these during the summer heat.

Belikin Lager (Pale Lager, 4.8%)

This is the most commonplace in Belize – maybe the top seller – and a solid Central American style pale lager. It might be somewhat watery and bland, but it was very refreshing in the afternoon heat and is the perfect choice to switch over to when you are just looking for another stout. Make sure that you grab a bottle with a green cap, or you might accidentally wind up with a Belikin stout. It tastes of grains and is pleasantly slightly sweet with a little floral flavor. It has a slight flavor of hops that is almost missed for a mild bitterness. It is very clean, smooth and thirst-quenching. This is a great beach beer, and is much better than almost all pale lager equivalents in Belize.

Belikin Stout (Stout, 6.5%)

Belizeans can brew a decent stout. This offers a pleasant change of pace for this Central American nation. Maybe this English stout is a nod to their British roots, as the country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations headed by the Queen. And this is not some specialty beer for Belize, as it’s quite commonplace at almost all bars, stores and restaurants. Just make sure that you get the bottle with the blue cap, or you will end up with a pale lager. This thin stout has tastes of roasted malts, caramel, licorice and a tinge of coffee. It is still light-bodied enough to have a few of consecutively and still drinks refreshingly even on a hot day. The flavor becomes richer as it warms up.

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Travel to Belize Before the Crowds Arrive

With the Caribbean dominated by hyperactive Belize all-inclusive resorts, you can still travel to Belize and still go native. Touting a fairy tale landscape of white-sand beaches, lush rain forests, and soaring mountains, virtually all activities are accessible from several fun and funky beachfront towns. Belize accommodations are upscale yet small-scale, but much bigger developments are underway. We have outlined five reasons to travel to Belize country now, before the crowds arrive.

Try Belize all-inclusive Resorts

travel To BelizeBeach Bumming

Just off Belize’s Caribbean coast is archipelago of sunny islands, featuring various natural wonders and charming beach towns, all of which are easily reached via a well-run local carrier. In San Pedro, where streets are so narrow that residents drive around in golf carts, a 190-mile long barrier reef extends along the town’s coastline, and the beachfront is lined with dive shops, excursion boats, restaurants and bars. Also, Placencia has miles of uninterrupted beach, and just a few cozy boutique Belize hotels.

Adventure Seeking

If you cannot imagine spending vacation time in a beach chair, you can channel your inner Tarzan in Belize. Start with cave exploration and river tubing in Cayo, where vacationers can rappel into caverns and float along an underground river on inner tubes. Hikers can explore 22,000 acres of protected jungle and mangrove forests in Corozal, trek to Antelope Falls, or follow rain forest trails with panoramic views of the Caribbean in Corozal Bay. In Hopkins, choose from shallow or deep fishing excursions.

Travel To Belize

Diving In

Belize diving is world class, with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve housing over 160 species of fish and nearly 40 types of coral, plus stingrays and nurse sharks. Caye Caulker, the favorite getaway spot for locals, offers several coral reef dives. Try the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, or go to the Splash Dive Center in Placencia for whale shark diving excursions, plus day and overnight trips to the Great Blue Hole submarine sinkhole, ranked among the top 10 best dive sites in the world by Jacques Cousteau.

Culture Chasing

Belize harbors a happy mixture of Mayan, Mexican, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese, Indian, Garifuna and Rastafarian cultures, adding immeasurable charm and variety to local life. The distinct cultures are celebrated in various festivals highlighting cuisine, art and music. Visitors have multiple opportunities to sample ethnic cuisine, traditions and customs. Hit up Dangriga for its multimedia exploration of Garifuna culture, create Mayan meals and handicrafts in Cayo, or learn Garifuna techniques in Hopkins.

Archeological Hunting

Once at the heart of the ancient Mayan empire, Belize offers some of its most important archeological sites. Caracol was among the Mayans’ most important political centers and remains under excavation, while the ancient trading center of Altun Ha proposes many imposing temples. The Altun Ha is the logo for the popular Belikin Beer of Belize. In the Toledo District, Lubaantun features structures made with large stone blocks, and includes three Mesoamerican ball courts.

Book Now Your Belize Vacation

With all the reasons above, there is no reason for you to not go on a Belize vacation. Contact a travel agency now for vacation packages and make your dream travel to Belize a reality.

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Common Ingredients in Belize Food

Belize is a country that is so diverse in history that its cuisine will seemingly take you back in time. The country might not be home to many world-renowned dishes or any Michelin starred restaurants just yet, but travelling through Belize for a week or more will undoubtedly leave you longing for more of the best dishes of the country. Belizeans are very proud of their culture which comes through in their Belize food. It is safe to say that most Belizean cooks use the same ingredients to prepare their food. Here is a list of the most common ingredients used in Belizean cuisine.

Tasty Belize Food

1. Corn – Arguably the most popular ingredient in Central America, corn is used in most of the food prepared in Belize, making it one of the most common ingredients found in Belizean food. Corn is used to make tamales, salbutes, tacos, tortillas, garnaches, panades and many more.

2. Beans – If you are a Belizean, you definitely eat beans at least three times a week. Beans are mainly used to prepare beans soup.

Belize food3. Rice – A magical mixture of rice and beans makes one of the favorite dishes of Belize (and is sometimes even referred to as the country’s national dish): the rice and beans.

4. Coconut oil – Perfect rice and beans must be complimented with some coconut oil. Oil is also used to prepare other traditional Belizean dishes.

5. Onion – Onion might not be the nicest ingredient in this list, but it has to be included because it is in almost every dish prepared in the country. Basically, onion is like oxygen for their food; if it does not have it, it is not perfect.

Belize Cuisine On The Rise

6. Sweet peppers – This ingredient is used in soups, fast foods, sauces and in many other Belizean foods, so rightfully it made it in this list of the most common ingredients found in Belizean food.

7. Tomatoes – Tomatoes is the brother of sweet peppers. Wherever you see one, you will see the other. This ingredient is used to prepare excellent sauces and nice vegetable salads.

8. Season All – This ingredient is what gives everything that cooks look for the taste that it has. The use of the families in Belize of Season All has become a tradition in the preparation of food in the country.

9. Flour – Flour might be the least used ingredient in this list, but it is one of the most common ingredients used in Belize. It is used to make the famous tortillas.

10. Salt and pepper – Salt and pepper is used to add the final touch to a well prepared meal. There are some Belizeans who love to put their pepper along with their meals.

Taste The Famous Belikin Beer

If you have not visited Belize and sampled some of their native cuisine, now is definitely the time! On your next visit to Belize, make sure that you make time to taste their delicious recipes. And while you are at it, make sure that you complement your food with the famous Belikin Beer for the ultimate Belize experience.

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History Behind Belikin Beer vs. Charger Beer

There are so many interesting and important stories in Belize that just fade into unwritten history over the years, and no one ever speaks in print about these stories anymore. One example of such story is the beer war between Belikin Beer and Charger Beer during the 1970s.

Belikin Beer

Belikin beerBelikin Beer came on the scene during the late 1969. Prior to this, people drank imported Heineken and Amstel beer, and Guinness stout, all for 50 cents a pint. When Belikin came on the scene, the government raised taxes on foreign beers, so most of the Bealizeans had to start drinking Belikin. The Belize Brewery owners, the Bowen family, which lead the Coca-Cola soft drink franchise before they went into beer, is a high ranking Bayman family in Belize. They are like royalty, and trace their ancestry to the Battle of St. George’s Caye and before that.

By the early 1970s, a challenge to Belikin was raised by two brothers, Arturo and Orlando Matus, whose ancestors came as ladino refugees from the Castle Way in the Yucatan, a war which started in 1847 and lasted most of the second half of the nineteenth century. They founded Matus Brewery Company in 1976 and launched the Charger Beer. Belikin was not an especially tasty product for the Charger was dominating the domestic beer market in the middle 1970s. They also create the Charger football team which no doubt helped sell beer. Charger becomes a ‘red hot’ product in Belize.

Between 1976 and 1977, Bowen’s bankers offered the Matus brothers the opportunity to buy out Belikin Brewery. Orlando Matus declined the offer, on the grounds that he did not want to create a monopoly. Today, Charger is just a faint memory. Orlando Matus is in Louisiana, a defeated man, while Belikin rules in Belize.

So, what happened? The Matus brothers did not have any money so they built their beer factory and business with loan money from the Bank of Nova Scotia. They did not want to sell stock to raise the venture capital; they wanted a wholly owned family business. According to newspaper stories after the collapse and foreclosure of the Charger Beer Company by the bank, the newspapers revealed that during the beer war, the Bowen family had bought up empty returnee Charger Beer bottles.

Belize Country

In Belize country of that day, all containers were imported into the country and quite expensive with duties and shipping, so bottling companies had a bottle buy back policy. The Bowen family, the winner beer company, got that way, by buying up all the competition empty Charger Beer bottles and secretly storing them in a warehouse. This broke Charger Beer because they had to keep importing expensive bottle for their beer. Eventually, they could not afford to do so and the loans were too big and the bank foreclosed, putting them out of business.

Visit To Belize

Whether such a story is completely true or not, the years that have passed had proven just how big a company like Belikin has become. On your next visit to Belize, make sure that you grab a bottle or two of Belikin Beer and taste its rich taste and history.

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Belize’s Food Specialties and the Belikin Beer

food in BelizeFood in Belize is a mix of the cuisines of all the internal and surrounding nationalities, with dishes recognizable from Mexico and Guatemala, even when they go by different names. You can find influences here from the Caribbean, Spain and Africa as well. Among it all, you will find restaurants set up by a mixture of expats and entrepreneurial types who recognize that the vast influx of tourists might like something a bit closer to home.

Belizean Specialties

The standard fare for the most part, however, is pretty basic. The usual meal is the rice and beans and a piece of meat combination: starchy, filling food that will keep you going. There are exceptions, though; the more touristy areas like Placencia or San Pedro have very decent restaurants serving some excellent food. While the prices are not astronomical, they are not extremely cheap either, and are certainly pricey in comparison with high-end places in neighboring countries. Seafood on the cayes is delicious and varied.

On the other hand, there is local food served at smaller restaurants, which is generally rice and beans with chicken. It is cheap, filling and usually taste, although you might be careful if you buy this kind of meal from a stall. You can also find international food, particularly Latin American, North American and Chinese.

Drinks in Belize

Drinks in Belize mainly consist of the local beer, Belikin Beer, along with rum-based cocktails. Belikin Beer is considered as the official beer of Belize, and came from the sole brewery allowed to make and distribute beer in the country. Tourists have come to love Belikin Beer, and their trip is not completed without them enjoying as least a bottle. Belikin Beer is a great complement to many of the Belizean specialties, including:

• Tacos with shredded chicken, cabbage, cilantro and onions

• Rice and beans, or beans and rice where the beans are cooked separately and spooned with their own gravy over white rice

• Fry Jacks which are fluffy fried crescents of dough, recognizable in Mexico as sopapillas

• Conch fritters, which are pieces of conch deep fried in batter

• Plantains that are fried to a sweet golden brown and served with most meals

• Refried beans served with everything from breakfast to dinner with a slightly sweet bean paste

• Garnaches, which is a typical Mestizo dish of fried tortilla topped with refried beans, cabbage, carrots and cheese

• Ereba, which is a Garifuna dish of bread made from grated cassava and eaten with fish, plantains or gravy

• Maria Sharp’s Hot Sauce, which is a Belizean sauce found on every table in every restaurant, designed to space up a meal

Taste The Food in Belize

Food in Belize is generally stodgy and tasty, making them a great compliment for the smooth taste of Belikin Beer. If you are eating street food in Belize City, for example, try to ensure that it has been thoroughly and recently cooked. There are so many rice and beans stalls selling meat that may well have set there all day. Many hotels and restaurants automatically tack on a service charge of 15%.

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Drinking In Belize: The Country’s Rum Industry

Aside from the popular Belikin Beer, Belize also offers good rum. The country is part of Central America but its coast is on the Caribbean Sea, so rum is entrenched in its alcohol habits ever since. It is not that it just your eyes everywhere like the Jamaica, but you will easily find and buy it, and at very affordable prices.

The Belize rum industry today is dominated by Travellers, a company that Mr. Omario Perdomo started mid-century with a bar of imported beverages for travelers in the center of the former capital, Belize City. Those days were also when the sugar cane industry sky rocketed, so a lot of Belizeans decided to start doing their own distillates. Mr. Omario Perdomo of Travellers Bar was no different, deciding to homemade his own rums. Travelers Rum was born and they now have over 20 products in their line, including vodka and bitters, that are massively distribute around the country.

Surprisingly, the best rum seller in Belize does not belong to Travellers, but the second family that rules the spirits industry in Belize: the Cuello Liquors. It is called Caribbean Gold. They have a success formula of making very mellow gold rum than anyone can drink neat or mixed, as it is much smoother than any white rum counterpart. Also, it is almost as cheap as water. This family owns the other two major distilleries if the country, Cuello and L&R, and are both located close to Orange Walk Town. They are two separate companies as the brothers split their affairs in the past. Because they do not produce for most of the year, tours are not readily possible.

On the other hand, Travellers is more organized and even ready for tourism as they organize tours for the cruise ships. They do not do official visits to the distillery unless you are a professional on the subject. However, they do have a small Rum Museum close to the warehouse where they do the aging and bottling process. The tour is interesting in terms of history of the company and rum in general in Belize, and you can freely taste the company’s line of products, which is something that you should do on a full stomach. But then, again, you will not have much access to the distillation process itself.

During the visit, one thing that you might notice in Travellers that you might not have heard about it being done is manually recycling used bottles. It is an admirable action and might not be profitable the way it is done, but this is the company’s way of giving back to the community and the environment. In another place, it would sound like green marketing rubbish, but being done so manually and effectively like it is done here; it will feel like it is for the right cause.

On your next visit to Belize, do not just settle with the Belikin Beer as your end-of-the-day refreshment; you might also want to consider enjoying a swig of Belize’s rum, whether it is from Travellers, Cuello Liquors, or any other distillates.

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