Belize – A Wonderful Tourist Destination Without The Crowded Tourists

BelizeBelize – Your Private Paradise

Ever heard of a place called Belize? No? Well, it isn’t surprising considering how relatively few foreigners have discovered the beauty of the place. Belize is located along the Caribbean coast in the northern part of Central America. Basically, the place is all sand, sun, and sea. If you’re looking for a trip to the Caribbean and are looking to visit the world’s second largest barrier reef, then Belize is the country for you to visit.

Belize is a wonderful place that almost is as beautiful as the world-famous Caribbean islands, but if you’re one who is looking for a place simply to relax and not deal with overcrowded places all around you, then Belize is certainly the next best thing. Surprisingly, the place’s tourism hasn’t gone too far despite its natural beauty. Only a few tourists find their way to Belize, so if you’re not one who enjoys seeing a lot of foreign faces, you’re safe there. Getting to the country isn’t a problem if that is a concern to you. You’ll be going through well-developed roads and, despite the vast jungle; you will see areas with communities here and there. A boat ride then follows the trip on the road, and then you’re at your destination.

When you get to Belize, money conversion won’t be much of a problem for you, as is speaking with the locals. Though you might meet people who’d be speaking Spanish or some other language, you will mostly be greeted by people who speak English as their local tongue. The local currency which is Belizean dollar is equal to half a US dollar. You may choose to have your money converted to the local currency or you can use your US dollars to pay for things.

Try The Famous Belikin Beer

Now if you have a favorite brand of beer, you might want to hold on to it or get one last taste of it before heading to Belize. Chances are, when you get there, you won’t find your favorite beer being sold anywhere. Instead, you will have Belikin beer from Belize to enjoy. Belikin beer won’t disappoint you though. Belikin beers come in different varieties, such as the Lighthouse Lager, the Belikin Beer, the Belikin Premium, the Belikin Stout, or the Guiness Stout. Depending on which one you try out, you might end up nursing a pretty bad headache the next day. Belikin beers are world-renowned and the locals of Belize hold it with high regard, so you should really be ready to switch favorites when it comes to beer.

Going back to Belize, there are tons of things you can do, you can even do nothing and still be having a great time. For nature lovers the place would seem like a mall. The exotic birds, the barrier reef; these are just some of the must-sees in the place. If events are your thing, then you’ll be truly enjoying Belize. With many cultural and local events happening all throughout the year, Belize is rarely without an event to hold.

Belize And Belikin Beer Are Waiting For You

After all the sight-seeing and event-attending, you can just sit back anywhere around Belize and enjoy the beautiful locality, preferably with a Belikin beer in hand, just to make the most of what the country has to offer. Belize is a place that not many tourists have discovered, so if you’re looking for a Caribbean getaway minus the tourist crowd that flocks tourist destinations such as the Caribbean islands, then Belize in all its untouched glory welcomes you for a stay.

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