An Inside Look At The Belikin Beer Brewery

Donna Ferrante's Dad Drinking Belikin

Donna Ferrante’s Dad Drinking Belikin

A few things can compare to a cold Belikin Beer after a hard day’s work, or after all the sightseeing that you have done the whole day in Belize. But when you grab that cold stout or beer, have you ever stopped to think where it came from, what is in it, and who made it? Why don’t we answer these questions as we take you inside the Belize Brewing Company in Ladyville. This is where the Bowen family started to brew Belikin Beer back in 1971. Since then, the operation has expanded, which today reaches a $50 million state of the art factor. The company brews and bottles Belikin Beer, Belikin Stout, Guinness Stout and Premium Beer.

Belikin Is Made By Belize Brewing Company

Brewing the beer starts in large vessels where the hops, yeast, Canadian malt and water are slowly cooked and churned for 90 minutes. The whole process is completely monitored and managed by a computer system that tells its operator what is happening in very part of the plant. It controls a complex and intricate process with numerous joints, valves and gauges. To keep these all in check, they used to hire 25 employees. Today, they only need one person to monitor it.

The brew is fermented for 7 days in big tans located in the cellar. The brewery has 18 of them; each one is capable of storing brew amounting up to 10,000 cases of beer. Fermentation is followed by storage for an additional 14 days. But before they are bottle, the brew is placed in a thorough filtration process. This process is also electronically controlled to remove any remaining sediments from the brew. From here, a vast network of pipes transports the beer next door to the bottling plant.

Making Of Belikin Beer Has Many Processes

The bottling is the most labor intensive stage of the production. The plant is capable of filling 425 bottles in a minute. The bottles travel along the conveyor belt where napkins and lots of straws are removed. It will then go through a thorough cleaning process where mud and dirt is scrubbed out in a massive washer. The pints go in dirty and come out clean. The workers will then manually check the bottles for remaining dirt before they are filled. They are quickly sealed, washed again, and heated to 158 degrees. This process, called pasteurization, kills all remaining bacteria that will prolong its shelf life to 6 months.

Making  Of Belikin Beer Is An Art And Science

From here, the filled bottles are corralled into groups of 72 and placed into crates for delivery to a bar or store near you. But before they reach the stores, the stout and beer still has to pass through the lab where they will be checked for bacteria. The stouts and beer are also judged by a panel of experts for flavor, aroma and consistency. So the next time that you drink a Belikin Beer, think of the work that went into it; it is surely both an art and a strictly controlled science.

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