Countdown to the 10 Best Destinations in Belize

When you tour Belize, it is important that you know the best places to go to. Here is a list of the ten best Belize sites that you should visit in your next vacation.

Go on a vacation in Belize

Occupying one of the remaining unspoiled places on earth is Belize. Located south of Mexico’sTour belize Yucatan Peninsula, this is a beautiful Caribbean getaway where tourists can laze away on white sandy beaches, dive in the Western Hemisphere’s biggest barrier reef, explore ancient Maya ruins and hike through lush jungles all in one vacation. Here are ten destinations to include in your tour Belize during your vacation in Belize.

Belize City

The largest city in Belize, Belize City is locatd on a small peninsula at the mouth of the Haulover Creek. Many tourists use Belize City as a transportation hub, only spending a little time here. With that said, it still remains as the cultural center of Belize, offering a large number of cultural attractions.


South of Dangriga, the small village of Hopkins might be best known as the cultural center of Belize’s Garifuna population. The Garifuna are descendants of Island Carib, Arawak and African people. The town has its own national holiday, Hopkins Day, and also welcomes people during their celebration of Garifuna Indepdence Day.

Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary

Otherwise known as the Jaguar Reserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the biggest protected destinations in the country. About 60 of Belize’s 700 jaguars are believed to live here, and chances of seeing them are slim. However, this is a great environment for bird viewing, plant spotting and seeking out other wildlife. Its trail system is very developed.

Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye is a small island at the northern end of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Travelers can choose from six different modest lodges to get some rest and relaxation. Since it is located in a protected marine reserve, it is popular for being a great spot for shore diving. For years, it has earned a devoted following among scuba and snorkel enthusiasts as well as backpackers.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio is a friendly and relaxed town that offers good food, frequent bus connections, affordable hotel in Belize and a pleasant climate. Surrounded by forested hills and rivers, this is a great base to explore the nature reserves and Maya ruins in the region. San Ignacio is also a crucial transit town going to and from Guatemala.

Ambergris Caye

The biggest of the several hundred islands of Belize, Ambergris Caye is a tropical place where flipflops and shorts are the dress code, golf carts are the mode of transportation and relaxing away on beaches is the main activity. A short plane flight or ferry ride from Belize City, this island presents the ultimate Caribbean getaway.


A long and narrow peninsula of white beaches hugging the country’s Caribbean coastline, Placencia is a popular place for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Placencia is made up of three villages, the most popular of which is Placencia Village, which has ‘The Sidewalk,’ a strip lined with shops, bars and restaurants. Many of the activities are centered around its natural scenery.


Located high on the Vaca Plateau, Caracol is the biggest Maya site in Belize. It was once one of the biggest ancient Maya cities with a population of about 150,000. The largest pyramid here is Canna (which translates to ‘Sky Place’) which stands at 43 meters, also making it the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is popular for its casual atmosphere, abundance of bars and restaurants and cheap prices, drawing tourists and backpackers looking for a break from traveling around Central America. This is a small island accessed by a water taxi or small place from Belize City. The most popular activities here are snorkeling and diving.

Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef is a 300-kilometer section of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. It is the second largest coral reef system in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is the top destination in Belize, popular for snorkeling and scuba diving. The reef also includes the world-famous Great Blue Hole, the most popular dive destination in the country.

A country that speaks English and has a multicultural population, Belize sites are best known for its tropical beauty and outdoor adventures. Its hundreds of coral islands and cayes are also among the best places to visit in Belize, with their world-class diving sites and stunning beaches. Ask about tour packages in destination Belize now and start exploring.

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Tips for Traveling Belize on a Budget

It might be hard to believe, but traveling Belize on a budget is possible. Know some helpful tips to affording your first trip to what is known as The Jewel of Central America.

Traveling Belize on a budget is possible

If you are skeptical about the words ‘Belize’ Traveling belize on a budgetand ‘budget’ appearing together in the same
sentence, then it is understandable. After all, Belize can be a more expensive destination than its neighboring backpacker haven, Guatemala. However, in reality, it is very possible to afford a trip to Belize without breaking the bank. There are so many areas with affordable lodging, entertainment, food and beaches. You only have to do a little research and partner it with preparation and flexibility. Below are our best tips to affording your first trip to what is known as Central America’s Jewel.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 1: Travel on Land from Mexico

The first thing you will notice when you plan your trip is that round trip airfare to Belize from North America can be quite expensive, usually well above $600. One popular way to get around this hurdle is to fly to Cancun, which is mostly a cheaper direct flight. When you get there, rest for a day in Playa del Carmen before you make your way to Belize in the morning by catching the reliable ADO Mexican bus line to Chetumal. From here, Belize’s Caye Caulker or San Pedro are easy boat rides away. You can also catch the ADO bus to Mexico City.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 2: Stay in Affordable Areas

Go to either Caye Caulker, Hopkins or the Cayo District. All of these offer the widest range of affordable guesthouses, hotels and even camping options which are perfect for backpackers. On Caye Caulker, consider Dirty McNasties for hostel-style quarters or Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel for mid-range. In Hopkins, Whistling Seas Guest House and Tipple Tree Beya are great bets. The interior, western area of Cayo has the most options of all, with everything from quaint guesthouses like Casa Blanca to hostels.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 3: Visit During the Summer

One sure way to save on your expenses is by traveling to Belize with kids during the summer season, otherwise known as the ‘hurricane season.’ Visiting during the summer in Belize means that are fewer tourists, with more locals enjoying local activities and very affordable lodging. Many hotels offer up to 50 percent off of their high season rates, and walk-ins can mostly give you a good deal. You are likely to score really big deals during these months when demand is low and rooms are empty by traveling to Belize in July.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 4: Travel by Bus

The old ladybird buses from the United States are the main bus transportation vehicles in Belize, and they work just fine. The seats can be hard to bear beyond an hour-long journey, but you just cannot beat the price. One ride from Belize City to Dangriga, which is about two and half hours, will set you back less than $5. Compare this to the more than $100 you pay by air by traveling to Belize alone. You might not know it, but the routes are abundant and can get you to all the major towns in the country.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 5: Book Tours Ahead of Time

Tours can be very expensive in Belize and quickly eat up your travel funds. The best way to skirt this is to create your plans ahead. You can do your research using a solid guidebook; these mostly give names of the best local guides and give you an idea of cost. From here, you can decide on which of the tours you will prioritize that you can do on your own. You can then see if you can combine any to limit your expense. You can contact the guides ahead of time and negotiate.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 6: Eat and Drink Local

Belizean food is tasty and affordable. It also includes lots of daytime snacks, like pupusas and tacos, and fulls meals like stew chicken with beans and rice for just $4. Save money and eat local during the day, and treat yourself to a nice restaurant during dinners. San Pedro and Caye Caulker has great food, especially seafood, as does Placencia and Cayo District. Shop at the weekly farmers’ markets and drink freshly-squeezed fruit juices at just $2.50. If you love mixed drinks or local beer, find out where the locals flock after work. This is where drinks are cheapest.

WIth some research, you can still find so many affordable places and activities that will let you experience the best that this country has to offer. You can also contact a reputable touring company that can give you cheap tours of the different tourist spots of the country. Whatever you do and wherever you go here, you are guaranteed to have one great vacation.

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Popular Belizean Drinks and Foods for the Food Lovers

For all food lovers, a trip to Belize will introduce you to mouthwatering Belizean drinks and foods that the country is known for. Get to know the most popular food and drinks in Belize.

There are many Belizean drinks and food

Considering the mixture of Belizean drinkscultures in Belize, it would come as to no surprise that the foods
and drinks of Belize are also very mixed and diverse. Your food choices will also differ depending on the region of Belize you are in. For example, coastal towns mostly have food that is more seafood centric and Creole, while inland areas tend have Mayan-influenced meals. Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular Belizean drinks and food worth checking out on your next trip to this beautiful country.

Belizean Food

A usual Belizean breakfast is made up of toasted bread, dried pieces of dough, refried beans, flour tortilla, cheese and eggs. Lunch is mostly a lighter meal and includes rice, fried corn tortillas with meat and cheese, tamales, meat pies, stew chicken and cow foot soup or onion soup. Dinner is a heavier meal with beans and rice with meat and salad. Among the staples of Belizean diets are local fruits like banana and mango, and carbohydrates like rice and tortillas. When it comes to protein, Belizeans eat more chicken and fish than beef and port. In terms of unusual Belizean food, they have iguana, conch, gibnut and cow foot soup. Similar to Latin American countries, mealtimes are mostly treated as a communion for families; schools and businesses might even close midday for lunch. They then reopen during afternoons and evenings.

Belizean Drinks

First of all, you need to know that most of the drinking water in Belize is rainwater. Tap water is generally safe for tourists. However, it is recommended that visitors drink spring water or bottled water, which should be available in many stores throughout the country. Major varieties of soft drinks are also available throughout the country. Belikin is considered as the national beer of Belize and is available in three kinds: stout, premium and lager. The Belikin Brewery also bottles a locally produced Guinness Stout. When it comes to hard alcohol, Caribbean rum is your best choice. At the top of the list are 5-year aged Prestige and the more popular and more affordable rum brand 1 Barrel. There might be no notable wines in Belize, but you should find some made with native Belizean nuts and fruits such as banana wine, pineapple wine and cashew wine.

Regional Cuisines

There are certain Belizean regions with dishes that depend on their particular cultural influence. Island towns such as Ignacio has a more Mestizo or Mayan-influenced culinary background. This means that traditional Mexican dishes such as panades, fried tortillas, gernaches and tamales are much more common here compared to the coast. Mountainous towns have more access to farming lands, so they mostly have more corn, beans, plantain and other cultivated crops on their diets. On the other hand, Kriols and Garifuno in the cost have more fresh seafood like lobster and fish in their diets, as well as casavva, a root vegetable popular in the West Indian culture. Among the most popular ways to eat this is in the form of a cassava pone, a cake made of cassavo flour with coconut and raisins. There is also bammy, a fried cassava cake dipped in coconut milk.

Whatever Belizan drinks or foods you are looking to taste on your next vacation to Belize, you will surely have yourself a great food adventure that you will remember for a long time. There are many Belizean dishes that are made with naturally organic and fresh foods, so anyone who is looking after their diet should have no problems. If you have any food restrictions or allergies, many restaurants should be able to accommodate your special needs.

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Tourist Guide: When is the Best Time to Vacation in Belize?

There is no fixed answer on when is the best time to visit Belize, as tourist have a different perfect time for their vacations. Learn about the seasons, weather and festivals during the Belize tourist season.

When is the best time to vacation in Belize

The question on when is the best time to the vacation in Best time to vacation in belizeBelize has no fixed answer. The reason for this is that it is always a great time to visit Belize. However, everyone is looking for different opportunities when choosing an ideal vacation time. For instance, there is no best time to visit the country for scuba diving, but if you want to go diving with the whale sharks, you can only do this from March to June. There are some major factors that contribute to having a more enjoyable vacation in Belize. Good weather is one of these, of course, alongwith fun activities such as events and festivals, and either taking advantage of off peak rates during low season or choosing to mingle with the crowds during high season.

High Season and Low Season

The high season in Belize for tourism is from the months November to May. This time period simultaneously runs with the dry season, which is the best time for weather in the country. Coincidentally, this also matches with the winter of the great white north, so there are lots of Canadians and Americans who are looking to escape the cold, searching for warmer climate. This makes it a good time to visit Belize.

Belize’s low season runs from June to October. Many travelers strategically visit Belize during this time so they can take advantage of much lower rates. Many tourism businesses drop their room and tour rates from 30 to 50 percent so they can accommodate the plunge in tourist arrivals.

Dry Season and Rainy Season

Dry season in Belize is somewhat winter minus the snow and freezing cold. During the months of November through January, the temperature in Belize drops a little, leading to cool windy days with lots of sunshine. By the months February to May, it tends to be hotter with almost no clouds. The good weather permits for scheduling lots of fun activities, including aquatic sports and jungle adventures. After all, Belize is truly an active destination. This is the best time to best time to visit Belize.

It is during the dry season that the country experiences its high Belize tourism season, so certain towns and archaeological sites can be a little bit crowded with tourists. However, keep in mind that Belize is relatively considered unknown and does not really attract so much tourists compared to other popular countries.

The rainy season is equivalent with the low season of tourism in Belize, which runs from June to October. Being in Belize this time can mean that sunny days will likely be ruined by rain showers. But the good news is that unless there is a tropical storm, showers mostly last for only an hour or two. Also remember that the hurricane season of Belize is during this time, and a potential hurricane can make cut your vacation short.

Another negative of the rainy season that, because of numerous rains, certain tours like diving or snorkeling and caving adventures like Actun Tunichil Muknal and Barton Creek Cave can be cancelled for a couple of days until it is once again safe. But even though the Belize rainy season has several issues to consider, many people think that it is fair trade for avoiding crowds and saving money.

Festivals and Events

Lobster Festival Undoubtedly the most popular event, this festival takes place in Caye Caulker in Placencia and San Pedro, with each of these locations conducting their festivals immediately after the opening the lobster season during mid-June every year.
International Costa Maya Festival This event brings huge crows from everywhere to Ambergris Caye, where the lively San Pedro Town hosts a week-long of beauty pageants and parties
Independence Day and St. George’s Caye Day Visiting September is a great time to witness national pride as Belizeans celebrate these two historic events.

Belizeans are energetic, lively people who enjoy any opportunity to have a good time drinking, dancing and being merry. Holding some of the most festive events in Central America, many travels ensure that their time coincides with certain celebrations. Some of other interesting festivals and events include Garifuna Settlement Day, Toledo Cacao Festival, Battle of the Drums and La Ruta Maya River Challenge. Look for vacation in Belize packages now so you can start exploring this interesting and stunning country.

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Going to Belize? Make Sure You Try these Belize Beers

The monopoly of the Belize Brewery means that are only a few beers in the country. If you find yourself in Belize, make sure that you try these five Belize beers.

Belize brewery makes several beers

If you are looking know and taste the different Belikin beerBelize beers, then know that there is just one brewery in the country that only produces one brand of beer. Belikin has sole monopoly of the domestic beer market of Belize. There really is not much in the selection of international beers as Belikin dominates the domestic market, and appears to do well in keeping international competitors at bar. Basically, there are only four primary beers in the country. All in all, there is actually eight, counting the locally-brewed Guinness and three seasonal. Here are five of the seven Belizean beers that you need to try on your trip.

Belikin Stout

Belizeans brew a good stout that gives a pleasant change of pace to this Central American/Caribbean nation. This English stout might be straight out the British roots, but this country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations led by the Queen. The Belikin Stout is common, and can be bought from all bars, stores and restaurants. Just ensure that you buy the bottle with the blue cap; otherwise, you will get the pale lager. This thin stout has notes of caramel, roasted malts, coffee, licorice and caramel. A popular go-to beer in the country, this dark beer is light-bodied enough to have consume a few, and still drinks refreshingly after a hot day. The flavor becomes richer as it warms up.

Guiness Foreign Extra Stout

The brand licensing and brew recipe directly comes from the namesake Ireland brewery, but it is the Belikin Brewing Company that brews and bottles this beer in Belize. The brew recipe is also not the same as the Guiness you might be accustomed to, maybe even better. The Belizean Brewing Company does a good job in brewing old recipes. Right from the start, this full-bodied beer gives you the taste of smooth and nice roasted malts. The added hops can also be noticed, especially in this finish, giving it a clean medium bitterness to the stout. There is a bit of coffee flavor in it and a hint of chocolate, but this stout is not sweet.

Sorrel Stout

This is Belikin’s winter seasonal. It is a stout brewed with the sorrel, an herb popularly used in salads, soups and sauces. Sorrel has a flavor similar to kiwi fruit or sour wild strawberries. If you drink it, you will not pick up any flavor, but you will taste a hint of strawberries, but not sour. In the first few sips, you will find it syrupy. But each time you drink this beer, it should grow on you after the first initial steps. This is because the flavor profile will change and the beer will warm up a bit, or it has just grown on you. Many love the slightly sweet taste of this tout and say that this is the most complex-tasting beer by Belikin.


Wrapped in a golden foil, this is the summer seasonal of the Belikin Brewing Company. The term ‘verano’ translates to ‘summer’ in Spanish, which the company claims to be ‘summer in a bottle.’ This is a delicious beer and many choose this over the regular lager. This might be because of the aging of some of the flavors that might have muted a bit as others can through more. This beer lager has a nice but slightly orange peel flavor to it, with a dash of spiciness. The beer has a hint of sweetness to it with a light tang to it. The brew is very refreshing and zesty. This is a great drink during summer.

Belikin Lager

This solid Central American=style pale lager is very common in Belize. In fact, this might be their top seller. It is bland and watery, but it is refreshing during the afternoon heat. This is a good choice to switch to when you do not want another stout. Ensure that you get the bottle with the green cap; otherwise, you will get a stout. The beer tastes of grains and is slightly sweet and floral. The slight hops flavor is almost missed altogether for a mild bitterness. It is smooth, clean and thirst-quenching. This is a good beach beer and is better than many Mexican pale lager equivalents.

So if you find yourself vacationing in Belize, make sure that you get to taste any of the beers above to get a taste of what Belize really is. Get a bottle of cold beer after a delicious seafood lunch, after an exciting afternoon of sightseeing, and another one to cap off your night.

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Best of Belize: 25 Things to Know About this Top Destination

Knowing the best of Belize will give you an idea on what you can expect in this beautiful country. Let’s discover Belize together as talk about some of the things that make it unique from all the other tourist destinations.

Know the best of Belize vacations

So many people have this misconception that Belize is a far and forgotten land that lie deep in Best of belizethe rain forests of Central America. But the truth is that this is a mere 2-hour flight from Florida and a few hours drive from Mexico. With an area short of 9,000 square miles, this country is unique because it’s the only British colony in the region where English is the official language and Elizabeth II is still the queen. However, its colonial history and official language aren’t the only things that make this place very attractive and interesting for tourists. Below are the best of Belize that you might not have heard of yet.

  1. It’s the only Central American country that speaks English. Belize was occupied by the British, so it’s unique among its neighbors.
  2. It was the center of the Mundo Maya. The Mayans once lived and thrived in Belize, as evidences by several protected archaeological sites. Virtually every buried mount you see is a piece of history.
  3. Many Belizeans are trilingual. They speak Spanish, English and Kriol. Some of them also speak added languages like Mayan dialects, German and Garifuna.
  4. You can have a plate of coconut rice and beans. Proof of the Caribbean culture is that coconut rice and beans is sold in practically every corner, along with a delicious stew of your choice.
  5. You can eat African cassava and fufu. The Garinagu people who are descendants from West Africa settled along the southern coast of the country and brought with them their cassava and plantains. This lead to dishes like hudut, which is made of mashed plantains or ‘fufu’ in West Africa, and is served with fish stew.
  6. It’s home to second biggest barrier reef in the world, which is recognized as a World Heritage Site. The reef is rich in marine life, and is a great place to catch whale sharks from March to June.
  7. Traditional Mennonites live in the some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country.
  8. It has beaches and over a hundred offshore islands. Similar to its neighbors, Belize has long stretches of beaches, with the best ones found in South Water Caye, Hopkins and Placencia.
  9.  It’s home to the black howler monkey. They create a startling sound that can wake you up at dawn. The black howler monkey is believed to be one of the loudest animals in the world.
  10. It has over 300 species of birds. Belize is a big bird-watching destination, with species like the jabiru stork and frigate.
  11. It has wild cats and snakes. There are both venomous and nonvenomous snakes here, but the likelihood that you’ll see one is low, unless you’re hiking in the rain forest at night. The exciting part is spotting one of the five cats in Belize, which are the jagarundi, jaguar, ocelet, puma and margay.
  12. One of the infamous dishes in Belize is gibnut. It’s otherwise called ‘Royal Rat,’ which was coined after Queen Elizabeth visited Belize and enjoyed the dish without knowing that it was rodent meat.
  13. Belize has still has hand-cranked ferries. There’s one in Cayo District that’s used to reach Xunantunich, and another in Corozal to get to the Cerros Site. These ferries are a flash back to the old Belize.
  14. It’s home to the biggest sinkhole in the world. The Blue Hole is the country’s most recognized sight and is one of the top five dive sites in the world. It’s over 400 feet deep and over 1,000 feet wide.
  15.  The tallest building is a Mayan pyramid. The Caana Temple at the Maya site of Caracol rises to up to 136 feet high.
  16.  There are no big all inclusive or chain resorts in the country, only the best Belize resorts. This is the beauty of Belize. There are no monstruous concrete towers that block the Caribbean view.
  17. It’s the size of New Hampshire. There are only about 35 people per square mile in its popular of more than 300,000, making it the lowest population density in Central America.
  18. Speed bumps are called ‘sleeping policemen.’ Belizeans have so many amusing phrases in Creole.
  19. Each meal is consumed with Marie Sharpie. No dish is complete with a few drops of this hot sauce. Marie Sharpie is a local legend and makes the best hot sauce in the country.
  20. Belizeans love to eat their fried chicken with ketchup.
  21. The most popular music is punta rock. This is an intoxicating dance number that’s popular across Central America.
  22. You can pay in American dollars anytime and anywhere. The country has a steady exchange rate of 2:1 so you don’t have to worry about exchanging your currency.
  23. There are 2 carnivals helps in the country every September. There’s a Caribbean one in Belize City, and a Latin one in Orange Walk.
  24. Chocolate is made in Belize. Cacao trees grow in the deep southern district of Toledo. There’s a yearly Chocolate Festival held here every year in May.
  25. There are tapir and jaguar crossing signs on the highway. You never know when your next animal encounter will be.

Indeed, these are just some of the best of Belize. As you travel here and explore Belize on your own, you will surely find many more things that will make your stay in this beautiful country all the more worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Check out the best of Belize vacations and discover Belize all on your own.

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10 Belizean Foods that are Perfect with a Belikin Beer Glass

The gorgeous country of Belize offer a rich variety of dishes that would make for a perfect pair with Belikin Beer glass. Learn the top 10 must-taste dishes in Belize you should try on your next trip.

These dishes do well with Belikin Beer glass

The beautiful Central American country that is Belize Belikin beer glass(which is still identified in globes and maps as British Honduras) will not officially turn 30 years old until next year. But in less than three decades as a nation, Belize has come to develop a cuisine all on its own based on influences from the British, the Caribbean and the Spanish. While most of the country’s food source comes from the Caribbean Sea, many traditional and native dishes have very little to do with the ocean and more with their abudant vegetables, fruits and seasonings.

Just as Americans need their ketchup, Belizeans need their habanero sauce. A bottle of Marie Sharp’s Habanero Sauce is found on every table, and just a few dahses can make it into every dish. However, real cools make their own; homemade habanero sauce mostly comes with a serious kick. Also, Belize meals are perfect when paired with a cold Belikin Beer glass. You do not have to worry because this locallu-famous beer is available practically everywhere. Make sure that you taste as least a few of these top Belizean dishes.

1. Rice, beans and boiled chicken are to Belize what friend chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob are to America. The chicken is boiled for a few hours with garlic, recado (a root that gives the dish its red color) and local seasonings. The Mayans used recado for tattoo ink, but it is more commonly used today as coloring in lipstick.
2. Cashew wine do not come from the cashew nut, but a cashew apple (the fruit that surrounds the nut). It gives a very sweet wine. The best advice would be to sip in small doses (the hangover it produces is a doozie).
3. After you have recovered from that hangover, try drinking 1 Barrel Rum. This is a dark rum and is considered as the official drink of the nation.
4. Journey cakes, otherwise known as Johnny cakes, are a break-like treat that is made with flour and coconut milk. The cakes pack and travel well and are standard fare for fishermen to take out for several days or weeks at a time. This is the reason why it is also called a ‘journey cake.’
5. Do not let the word ‘chicken’ in the ‘bamboo chicken’ dish fool into thinking that you are eating poultry. It is really just local iguana and is best served around Easter.
6. If you are interested by rodent dishes, then you will love gibnut (otherwise known as rat). At some point, it was known as the Royal Rat, as it was served to Queen Elizabeth when she visited.
7. Aside from being really fun to say, cheesy cho cho, it tastes somewheat like cauliflower with cheese sauce poured on it. Instead, the vegetable is called chayoe or christophine and is a member of the squash family.
8. Escabeche is basically a chicken soup. It is heavily seasoned with black pepper, onion and vinegar. Many cooks also add loads of jalapenos to add a bit of kick.
9. For dessert, try either soursop ice cream or craboo ice cream. The craboo fruit is about the same size of a blueberry, but either red or yellow and tastes quite sweet. The cream is about the ame color. The soursop is more citrusy and is bigger. Both are great treats on a hot and humid day in Belize.
10. The traditional Caribbean rum cake, or rainforest rum cake, is baked in Belize and a portion of the sales support the restoration of the rainforests in this beautiful country. The charitable side of this desset means offses its calories.

Do you not find these food items appetizing? So the next time you find yourself touring this Central American hotspot, make sure that you taste these top 10 items. Book your trip to Belize now so you can start to experience the rich cuisine of this gorgeous country. And make sure you do not forget to pair your food choices with a cold and refreshing Belikin Beer glass!

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Belize Activities for the Adventurous Travelers

Belize is a great destination for active travelers, offering a vast array of specific sport and adventure opportunities in a small area. Whatever your taste in recreation, Belize should have something for you. There are a few places in the world where travelers can enjoy such a diversity of landscapes. From lowland jungles and mountainous forests to spectacular Great barrier reef and idyllic beaches, the region offers exciting places to practice a wide range of adventure sports. Check out some of the most popular ones below.

Diving/Snorkeling In Great Barrier Reef

BelizeBelize’s barrier reef has been named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. There are many places to dive and snorkel all along Belize’s territory, including the cayes, atolls, and various spots on the reef and mainland. Water visibility generally reaches over 100 feet. The water temperature stays close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long and the barrier reef makes for calm water almost year round. Take advantage of the many diving resorts and hotels catering to divers.


Belize is a perfect place to enjoy the fabulous sport of windsurfing. The cayes provide flat and quiet waters that are created by the protecting reef. The constant shore winds give an ideal location for beginners to have a first lesson. For the intermediate, it is fantastic for speeding and chop hopping. The water below is so clear that you can see fish and stingrays, and it is not unusual to see dolphins as you sail. For experienced surfers, there are wave sites and swell access on the outer reef.


In Belize, you have the opportunity to observe hundreds of different species of birds. Belize has recorded more than 540 species within its borders. Because of the country’s small population and lack of industry, much of Belize has remained virtually undisturbed. On various islands, you will find reserves for birds like the black catbird reserve on Caye Caulker and a bird sanctuary on Man-of-War Caye where you will find pelicans, brown bobbies and frigate birds.


In a country that is abundant with water sources, canoeing and kayaking are a very common and rewarding activity. Whether inland on one of the many river systems, in and around a cave, or out on the open sea near the reef and the cayes, you will have a chance to witness the unspoiled nature of Belize from a different point of view.


Belize has unbelievable cave formations. With abundant limestone and a wet climate, there are a great number of caves throughout Belize. Although most caves have not been thoroughly explored yet and because of the isolation of them, you will find natural splendors and archeological significance like ancient Mayan pottery and abundant species of animals like blind white crayfish and numerous arachnids. Rio Frió, St. Herman’s and Barton Creek Cave are some of the best ones to go to.

End Your Day With Belikin Beer

At the end of your adventure-filled day, nothing beats lounging on the beach as you enjoy the sunset. And while you are at it, grab a bottle or two of Belikin Beer. The number one beer in Belize, this refreshing drink will surely complete your day.

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Beers Produced by the Belize Brewery

After you are done with all the swimming, surfing and sightseeing, wouldn’t it be nice to lounge in the sand and just rest? To make this all the more relaxing, why don’t you add a Belikin beer to the equation? Then take a trip to the Belize Brewery and grab yourself some of their best beers. Know, though, that are only four main beers in Belize. But if you include the locally-brewed Guinness and the three seasonal beers, then there would be eight. Nevertheless, here are the top five of the seven Belizean beers available in your trip.

Belikin Beer

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Stout, 7.5%)

Belikin beerThe brew recipe and brand licensing of this beer is directly from the namesake of the popular Ireland brewery we all know, but it is Belikin Brewing Company that brews ad bottles this beer here in Belize. So, technically, it is a Belizean beer still. Also, the brew recipe is not as the same as the conventional Guinness. In fact, it might be better. The Belikin beer factory does a great job at brewing the centuries-old recipe. From the get-go, you can taste the smooth and nice roasted malts of this beer. Also, the presence of added hops is definitely noticeable, particularly in the finish, giving a clean medium bitterness to this dry stout. It has a bit of coffee flavor and a small bit of chocolate.

Belikin Beer Factory Produces

Sorrel Stout (Stout, 6.5%)

This Belize Belikin stout is the brand’s winter seasonal, which is a stout brewed with sorrel, an herb used in salads, sauces and soups. Sorrel has a flavor comparable to sour wild strawberries or kiwi fruit. When you drink this beer, you might not pick up kiwi flavor, although you will get a bit of strawberry. This beer has a rather syrupy flavor, but it should grow on you after the first initial sips. It might be the flavor profile that’s changed when the beer warms a bit or it might just grow on you. This is a slightly sweet stout and is the most complex tasting beer that Belize Brewing Co Belikin beer makes. Its taste is slightly reminiscent of a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Verano (Pale Lager, 4.8%)

This is the Belikin Brewing Company’s summer season, and is wrapped in a golden foil. The name ‘verano’ translates to summer in Spanish and the company says that this beer is a ‘summer in a bottle.’ It is a tasty beer and might be better than the regular lager, but it might be because of the aging of some of the flavor; it might have muted a bit while others came through more. This lager has some nice but slight orange peel flavor and has a bit of spiciness to it, as well. The beer carries a small sweetness to it and also has a very light tang to it as well. The brew is zesty while also very refreshing. You can easily see yourself crushing a few of these during the summer heat.

Belikin Lager (Pale Lager, 4.8%)

This is the most commonplace in Belize – maybe the top seller – and a solid Central American style pale lager. It might be somewhat watery and bland, but it was very refreshing in the afternoon heat and is the perfect choice to switch over to when you are just looking for another stout. Make sure that you grab a bottle with a green cap, or you might accidentally wind up with a Belikin stout. It tastes of grains and is pleasantly slightly sweet with a little floral flavor. It has a slight flavor of hops that is almost missed for a mild bitterness. It is very clean, smooth and thirst-quenching. This is a great beach beer, and is much better than almost all pale lager equivalents in Belize.

Belikin Stout (Stout, 6.5%)

Belizeans can brew a decent stout. This offers a pleasant change of pace for this Central American nation. Maybe this English stout is a nod to their British roots, as the country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations headed by the Queen. And this is not some specialty beer for Belize, as it’s quite commonplace at almost all bars, stores and restaurants. Just make sure that you get the bottle with the blue cap, or you will end up with a pale lager. This thin stout has tastes of roasted malts, caramel, licorice and a tinge of coffee. It is still light-bodied enough to have a few of consecutively and still drinks refreshingly even on a hot day. The flavor becomes richer as it warms up.

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10 Good Reasons to Visit and Experience Belize

Ever since Belize gained popularity as a holiday destination, one of the most frequently asked questions have been: Why Belize country? Why should someone opt to travel to Belize than any other place? The reasons are pretty simple. Be convinced with this list of reasons to travel to this beautiful country.

Belize Country

Belize country1. The key to having good conversations is having interesting stories. How about adding scuba diving with whale sharks to your recent activities? They are gentle and docile creatures, but something about having the words whale and shark next to each other make it sound intimidating, and perhaps more interesting.

2. Hiking is more fun in Belize. After a two-hour hike, you end up at the mouth of an amazing cave, like the Actun Tunichil Muknal. Getting inside involves swimming and squeezing yourself through narrow areas. Old Mayan pots, cool rock formations and sacrificial remains make the trip worth it.

3. If you like diving, then know that Belize is home to the world famous Great Blue Hole. Any serious diver should be aware of this wonder. Going to Belize will make you cross it off your bucket list.

4. Known as the Mayan heartland, Belize has the highest concentration of Maya archeological sites in Mesoamerica. The most popular are Xunantunich and Lamanai. Famous sites like Tikal in Guatemala and Chichen Itza in Mexico are also just a few hours away from here.

5. Life can be hectic, especially in the big city. If you are on the subway, you are bound to get the evil eye from someone you bumped into. But this is not the case in Belize. Everyone is always friendly, wearing a smile and never running. The secret is that you have to learn to go slow.

Belize Food

6. Belize is teeming with waterfalls and rivers, which are great places for adventure and water sports. These areas are also full of wildlife, so you can also take tours or just get a glimpse or different birds and marine life.

7. Simple and good food. Belize food is an amalgamation of the various cultures that call the place home for Mestizo, Creole, Maya and Garifuna. Expect to eat fry jack and refried beans for breakfast and rice and beans with stew chicken for lunch. And then gulp everything down with a bottle or two of the famous Belikin Beer.

8. Nature nourishes. Be alone, paddle down the river and hear the various sounds of birds and other wildlife. Belize offers you the cottage life experience, the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living.

9. The Belize Barrier Reef system is the second largest barrier reef in the world, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For anyone who loves snorkeling among beautiful corals, checking this out is a must.

10. There are plenty of beautiful islands. You can pitch a tent and sleep under the stars on an uninhabited island or enjoy luxury accommodations at a secluded island. It is without merit that Ambergris Caye was voted the best island in the world for 2013.

Set Now Your Belize Vacation

A Belize vacation is relaxing and soothing. It is also physically and mentally stimulating. Many visitors love it so much that they later choose to retire in Belize.

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