Belize is located on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America. It shares a border on the north with the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, on the west with the Guatemalan department of Petén, and on the south with the Guatemalan department of Izabal. To the east in the Caribbean Sea, the second-longest barrier reef in the world flanks much of the 386 kilometres (240 mi) of predominantly marshy coastline. The area of the country totals 22,960 square kilometres (8,865 sq mi), an area slightly larger than El Salvador or Massachusetts. The abundance of lagoons along the coasts and in the northern interior reduces the actual land area to 21,400 square kilometres (8,263 sq mi).

Belize is shaped like a rectangle that extends about 280 kilometres (174 mi) north-south and about 100 kilometres (62 mi) east-west, with a total land boundary length of 516 kilometres (321 mi). The undulating courses of two rivers, the Hondo and the Sarstoon, define much of the course of the country’s northern and southern boundaries. The western border follows no natural features and runs north-south through lowland forest and highland plateau. The north of Belize consists mostly of flat, swampy coastal plains, in places heavily forested.

The flora is highly diverse considering the small geographical area.

The south contains the low mountain range of the Maya Mountains. The highest point in Belize is Doyle’s Delight at 1,124 m (3,688 ft).[12]

The Caribbean coast is lined with a coral reef and some 450 islets and islands known locally as cayes (pronounced “keys”). They total about 690 square kilometres (266 sq mi), and form the approximately  320-kilometre (199 mi) long Belize Barrier Reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. Three of merely four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere are located off the coast of Belize.

When you tour Belize, it is important that you know the best places to go to. Here is a list of the ten best Belize sites that you should visit in your next vacation.

Go on a vacation in Belize

Occupying one of the remaining unspoiled places on earth is Belize. Located south of Mexico’sTour belize Yucatan Peninsula, this is a beautiful Caribbean getaway where tourists can laze away on white sandy beaches, dive in the Western Hemisphere’s biggest barrier reef, explore ancient Maya ruins and hike through lush jungles all in one vacation. Here are ten destinations to include in your tour Belize during your vacation in Belize.

Belize City

The largest city in Belize, Belize City is locatd on a small peninsula at the mouth of the Haulover Creek. Many tourists use Belize City as a transportation hub, only spending a little time here. With that said, it still remains as the cultural center of Belize, offering a large number of cultural attractions.


South of Dangriga, the small village of Hopkins might be best known as the cultural center of Belize’s Garifuna population. The Garifuna are descendants of Island Carib, Arawak and African people. The town has its own national holiday, Hopkins Day, and also welcomes people during their celebration of Garifuna Indepdence Day.

Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary

Otherwise known as the Jaguar Reserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the biggest protected destinations in the country. About 60 of Belize’s 700 jaguars are believed to live here, and chances of seeing them are slim. However, this is a great environment for bird viewing, plant spotting and seeking out other wildlife. Its trail system is very developed.

Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye is a small island at the northern end of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Travelers can choose from six different modest lodges to get some rest and relaxation. Since it is located in a protected marine reserve, it is popular for being a great spot for shore diving. For years, it has earned a devoted following among scuba and snorkel enthusiasts as well as backpackers.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio is a friendly and relaxed town that offers good food, frequent bus connections, affordable hotel in Belize and a pleasant climate. Surrounded by forested hills and rivers, this is a great base to explore the nature reserves and Maya ruins in the region. San Ignacio is also a crucial transit town going to and from Guatemala.

Ambergris Caye

The biggest of the several hundred islands of Belize, Ambergris Caye is a tropical place where flipflops and shorts are the dress code, golf carts are the mode of transportation and relaxing away on beaches is the main activity. A short plane flight or ferry ride from Belize City, this island presents the ultimate Caribbean getaway.


A long and narrow peninsula of white beaches hugging the country’s Caribbean coastline, Placencia is a popular place for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Placencia is made up of three villages, the most popular of which is Placencia Village, which has ‘The Sidewalk,’ a strip lined with shops, bars and restaurants. Many of the activities are centered around its natural scenery.


Located high on the Vaca Plateau, Caracol is the biggest Maya site in Belize. It was once one of the biggest ancient Maya cities with a population of about 150,000. The largest pyramid here is Canna (which translates to ‘Sky Place’) which stands at 43 meters, also making it the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is popular for its casual atmosphere, abundance of bars and restaurants and cheap prices, drawing tourists and backpackers looking for a break from traveling around Central America. This is a small island accessed by a water taxi or small place from Belize City. The most popular activities here are snorkeling and diving.

Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef is a 300-kilometer section of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. It is the second largest coral reef system in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is the top destination in Belize, popular for snorkeling and scuba diving. The reef also includes the world-famous Great Blue Hole, the most popular dive destination in the country.

A country that speaks English and has a multicultural population, Belize sites are best known for its tropical beauty and outdoor adventures. Its hundreds of coral islands and cayes are also among the best places to visit in Belize, with their world-class diving sites and stunning beaches. Ask about tour packages in destination Belize now and start exploring.

It might be hard to believe, but traveling Belize on a budget is possible. Know some helpful tips to affording your first trip to what is known as The Jewel of Central America.

Traveling Belize on a budget is possible

If you are skeptical about the words ‘Belize’ Traveling belize on a budgetand ‘budget’ appearing together in the same
sentence, then it is understandable. After all, Belize can be a more expensive destination than its neighboring backpacker haven, Guatemala. However, in reality, it is very possible to afford a trip to Belize without breaking the bank. There are so many areas with affordable lodging, entertainment, food and beaches. You only have to do a little research and partner it with preparation and flexibility. Below are our best tips to affording your first trip to what is known as Central America’s Jewel.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 1: Travel on Land from Mexico

The first thing you will notice when you plan your trip is that round trip airfare to Belize from North America can be quite expensive, usually well above $600. One popular way to get around this hurdle is to fly to Cancun, which is mostly a cheaper direct flight. When you get there, rest for a day in Playa del Carmen before you make your way to Belize in the morning by catching the reliable ADO Mexican bus line to Chetumal. From here, Belize’s Caye Caulker or San Pedro are easy boat rides away. You can also catch the ADO bus to Mexico City.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 2: Stay in Affordable Areas

Go to either Caye Caulker, Hopkins or the Cayo District. All of these offer the widest range of affordable guesthouses, hotels and even camping options which are perfect for backpackers. On Caye Caulker, consider Dirty McNasties for hostel-style quarters or Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel for mid-range. In Hopkins, Whistling Seas Guest House and Tipple Tree Beya are great bets. The interior, western area of Cayo has the most options of all, with everything from quaint guesthouses like Casa Blanca to hostels.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 3: Visit During the Summer

One sure way to save on your expenses is by traveling to Belize with kids during the summer season, otherwise known as the ‘hurricane season.’ Visiting during the summer in Belize means that are fewer tourists, with more locals enjoying local activities and very affordable lodging. Many hotels offer up to 50 percent off of their high season rates, and walk-ins can mostly give you a good deal. You are likely to score really big deals during these months when demand is low and rooms are empty by traveling to Belize in July.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 4: Travel by Bus

The old ladybird buses from the United States are the main bus transportation vehicles in Belize, and they work just fine. The seats can be hard to bear beyond an hour-long journey, but you just cannot beat the price. One ride from Belize City to Dangriga, which is about two and half hours, will set you back less than $5. Compare this to the more than $100 you pay by air by traveling to Belize alone. You might not know it, but the routes are abundant and can get you to all the major towns in the country.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 5: Book Tours Ahead of Time

Tours can be very expensive in Belize and quickly eat up your travel funds. The best way to skirt this is to create your plans ahead. You can do your research using a solid guidebook; these mostly give names of the best local guides and give you an idea of cost. From here, you can decide on which of the tours you will prioritize that you can do on your own. You can then see if you can combine any to limit your expense. You can contact the guides ahead of time and negotiate.

Traveling Belize on a Budget Tip 6: Eat and Drink Local

Belizean food is tasty and affordable. It also includes lots of daytime snacks, like pupusas and tacos, and fulls meals like stew chicken with beans and rice for just $4. Save money and eat local during the day, and treat yourself to a nice restaurant during dinners. San Pedro and Caye Caulker has great food, especially seafood, as does Placencia and Cayo District. Shop at the weekly farmers’ markets and drink freshly-squeezed fruit juices at just $2.50. If you love mixed drinks or local beer, find out where the locals flock after work. This is where drinks are cheapest.

WIth some research, you can still find so many affordable places and activities that will let you experience the best that this country has to offer. You can also contact a reputable touring company that can give you cheap tours of the different tourist spots of the country. Whatever you do and wherever you go here, you are guaranteed to have one great vacation.

For all food lovers, a trip to Belize will introduce you to mouthwatering Belizean drinks and foods that the country is known for. Get to know the most popular food and drinks in Belize.

There are many Belizean drinks and food

Considering the mixture of Belizean drinkscultures in Belize, it would come as to no surprise that the foods
and drinks of Belize are also very mixed and diverse. Your food choices will also differ depending on the region of Belize you are in. For example, coastal towns mostly have food that is more seafood centric and Creole, while inland areas tend have Mayan-influenced meals. Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular Belizean drinks and food worth checking out on your next trip to this beautiful country.

Belizean Food

A usual Belizean breakfast is made up of toasted bread, dried pieces of dough, refried beans, flour tortilla, cheese and eggs. Lunch is mostly a lighter meal and includes rice, fried corn tortillas with meat and cheese, tamales, meat pies, stew chicken and cow foot soup or onion soup. Dinner is a heavier meal with beans and rice with meat and salad. Among the staples of Belizean diets are local fruits like banana and mango, and carbohydrates like rice and tortillas. When it comes to protein, Belizeans eat more chicken and fish than beef and port. In terms of unusual Belizean food, they have iguana, conch, gibnut and cow foot soup. Similar to Latin American countries, mealtimes are mostly treated as a communion for families; schools and businesses might even close midday for lunch. They then reopen during afternoons and evenings.

Belizean Drinks

First of all, you need to know that most of the drinking water in Belize is rainwater. Tap water is generally safe for tourists. However, it is recommended that visitors drink spring water or bottled water, which should be available in many stores throughout the country. Major varieties of soft drinks are also available throughout the country. Belikin is considered as the national beer of Belize and is available in three kinds: stout, premium and lager. The Belikin Brewery also bottles a locally produced Guinness Stout. When it comes to hard alcohol, Caribbean rum is your best choice. At the top of the list are 5-year aged Prestige and the more popular and more affordable rum brand 1 Barrel. There might be no notable wines in Belize, but you should find some made with native Belizean nuts and fruits such as banana wine, pineapple wine and cashew wine.

Regional Cuisines

There are certain Belizean regions with dishes that depend on their particular cultural influence. Island towns such as Ignacio has a more Mestizo or Mayan-influenced culinary background. This means that traditional Mexican dishes such as panades, fried tortillas, gernaches and tamales are much more common here compared to the coast. Mountainous towns have more access to farming lands, so they mostly have more corn, beans, plantain and other cultivated crops on their diets. On the other hand, Kriols and Garifuno in the cost have more fresh seafood like lobster and fish in their diets, as well as casavva, a root vegetable popular in the West Indian culture. Among the most popular ways to eat this is in the form of a cassava pone, a cake made of cassavo flour with coconut and raisins. There is also bammy, a fried cassava cake dipped in coconut milk.

Whatever Belizan drinks or foods you are looking to taste on your next vacation to Belize, you will surely have yourself a great food adventure that you will remember for a long time. There are many Belizean dishes that are made with naturally organic and fresh foods, so anyone who is looking after their diet should have no problems. If you have any food restrictions or allergies, many restaurants should be able to accommodate your special needs.

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